2016 In A Nutshell..

So to start off 2016 was anything but my year and I'm so excited to say goodbye to it! Thankfully I can sit back now and think through the year with a smile on my face because I realised a lot of things this year (who knew how right Kylie Jenner would be?) and I'm greatful for every single thing that did happen.

For me now its all about looking forward to the future and for what I have now at this very given moment and being happy with where I am in life. The last couple of months really opened my eyes to the type of person I actually am and the one I sometimes try to be. I can definitely say I'm someone who likes to be liked by everyone and if that isn't the case I start to panic and worry and think there is something wrong with me but recently I've stopped caring if people like or dislike me because I couldn't be happier with who I am. This year has shown me how full of love my heart is, how focused my mind can be and that no matter where life takes me that I'll be prepared for it.

One thing I'm taking from this year is the person I've become through the hard times because she was pretty cool and I'd like for her to stay! Between dying my hair to piercing my nose, this year was crazy to say the least. I saw so many beautiful places from Krakow to Brussels to Amsterdam and did so many wonderful things that I never thought I'd get a chance to do but I did. I know that in the coming new year I'll be on a place more than on land, travelling as much and as far as I can because that's what it's all about, getting up off your ass and seeing the world around you, experiencing the amazingness that surrounds us each and every day and not letting one day go to waste.

The thoughts of all that awaits me in 2017 sometimes can be scary but in a good way. Like starting my new job and leaving my current job of 5 years is something I never thought would happen, but it is. Because change is good, not everything is meant to stay as it is and that's okay. Everything happens for a reason and things work out the way they are meant to so we just have to go with the flow and hope for the best.

I don't really have goals as such for this year but I have a few things I'd like to be able to say I've done like buy my first car (and pass my driving test...) finally do some sort of make up course, run a mini marathon, stop world hunger, y'know, the usual kinda things...
But whatever I get up to once it makes me happy I'll keep doing it.

So, to my friends and followers, be brave and be kind in this new year, don't change who you are just embrace it, better yourself and the rest will follow.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful New Year,

Stay Stylish,

Shauna xox

Luxurious Lashes

2016 has been the year of treat yo' self, well in my case it has! I think sometimes all a girl needs is a little pamper time, whether that's a DIY job at home or going out to a salon and getting the full whack. I was unfortunately blessed with the fairest but longest eyelashes and tint never lasts long on them so eyelash extensions was the only way to go. Looking around to see where was best to go for the quality and price wasn't too difficult as a lot of people recommended the same person which was great because then you know they must be good at what they do. But being me and always being last to the party I decided right before Christmas I wanted an appointment, and do you think anywhere had one? Course not, Then, Santa's elves worked their magic and I got a message to say there was an appointment free straight after Christmas if that would suit. To me the fact that I didn't have to try make another appointment but instead I was contacted to see if I still wanted one was so courteous and just shows you how well this girl is at running her business! Not all places would do what this girl did. To cut to the chase I went to Sylvanna in Grange Rath, Drogheda a.k.a Sylvanna's Lashes and she couldn't have been any nicer or any better at her job! The time and patience put into my lashes was immense and it was such a relaxing experience to say the least.
I wanted a more natural lash which wasn't too long and that's exactly what I got! I couldn't recommend Sylanna anymore even if I tried, she was just so lovely and really makes and effort with her clients which stands to her.

Check out her Facebook page for more info and if you want to make an appointment for youself: https://www.facebook.com/pg/SylvanasLashes/about/?ref=page_internal

Thanks for reading,

Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas,

Shauna xox

Black Friday Vibes

The day of dreams for any shop-a-holic is nearly here, Black Friday. I have searched the internet this week for all the best deals I can find for you guys and some of the offers on are unbelievable! I think each year the deals get better and better.

For any of you guys and gals who can be as lazy as I am when it comes to shopping, most of these discounts are available in store and online so you can shop from the comfort of your sofa if you don't want to brave the madness!

The Discounts

Missguided  - 30% off Dresses Code: HOTAF Thursday (New deals daily till Monday)
Boohoo  - Up to 50% off & Free Delivery Ends 11pm Thursday
Asos - 20% off Code: GoGoGo Ends Tuesday
Boots - Discounts across a rang of products in store & online Ends Monday
Cloud10 Beauty - 20% off everything Code: Black20 Ends 12am Sunday
Arnotts - Up to 20% off Wednesday till Sunday
Debanhams  - 15% off Fragrences Thursday (New deals daily till Monday)
Office - 20% in store & online Code: Wonder (No end date)
Topshop - Up to 50% off in store & online Thursday till Monday
Pretty Little Thing - Up to 50% off Ends 11pm Thursday
Public Desire -  20% off Code: CyberBae (No end date)
River Island - 20% in store & online Code: BFriday15 Friday 11-3pm
Brown Thomas - Up to 20% off in store & online Wednesday till Monday
New Look - Up to 50% off Thursday till Monday
Abercrombie & Fitch - Up to 50% off online only Friday

Some of the listed shops above had no codes and the discounts have already been applied and for the likes of shops like Boots, Argos etc. they have different discounts throughout the store and some of the savings are as great as €150!! If you havn't already heard of the Ultimate Real Techniques make up brush set on sale for an amazing €50 ( down from €140) then you've been living under a rock!

There are probably a few more discount codes floating around but these
were the ones I thought would be of most interest. I love Black Friday not only because
I pick myself up a couple of things but it's great
for picking up Christmas presents!

Thanks for reading,

Stay Stylish,

Shauna xox

Golden Gal

So I may still have one more post in relation to my College series but I've a few more bits to pick up before I can publish it so in the mean time I have an outfit post for you! I'm so lucky that my two gal pals in Galway know how to work the camera and make my photos look extra instagramable (just made up my own word, as you do). This top was a present and I loooooove it, it's from Berskha and I added the belt to give more shape to it and just spice up the outfit in general.

Jacket: Zara / Boots: River Island / Jeans: Penneys / Belt: Penneys / Top: Berskha

It was so hot that day I didn't even need a jacket, my make up was melting off my face it was that warm haha! Luckily I took plenty of photos of my make up before it melted away..

As Emma said ( my friend who took the photos) my make up  matched my outfit, literally!

Thanks for reading,

Stay Stylish,

Shauna xox

What to Wear: College Edition

I actually can't believe how long it took me to get this blog post up! I'm such a lazy arse, like its the photos that take the time because sometimes the weather on the day doesn't suit or  maybe you have a wardrobe malfunction (like spilling coffee all down your blouse....) but I got photos taken eventually and now we have a blog post, Yay! 
So this is the third part of my college series and its all about outfit ideas for college. I know these might not be everyones cup of tea but I tried to pull together affordable outfits that may have a key piece to them that'll go with many other outfits or be something you'll have in your wardrobe for years!

Numero Uno...

Simple & Chic, this outfit is perfect for the transitional season with the bright colours of summer but covering up slightly more not that theres a chill in the air.

Jacket: Zara €50 (may still be online but it was bought back in May)
Jeans: Zara €12 (sale)
Blouse: Penneys €13 (new stock)
Shoes: Penneys €14 (new stock)

Numero Dos...

Not for the faint hearted, this outfit was my fav to pull together! Although the windy west isn't ideal with skirt lovers this midi braved through the storm!

Jacket: Zara €30 (sale)
Top: Penneys €12 (new stock - also available on Missguided in Black)
Belt: Penneys €3 (new stock)
Skirt: Penneys €3 (sale recently)
Boots: River Island €65 (new stock)

Numero Tres...

Comfort is key, and this outfit has comfy written all over it! College can be a cold and tiring place so skinny jeans & runners are the best combo for the days were getting out of bed was near impossible!

Top: Penneys €10 (cami - new stock)
Jeans: Penneys €13 (new stock)
Shoes: Adidas - Office €80 (new stock)
Jacket: Penneys (old stock so not 100% sure on price!)

Thanks so much for reading guys,
I hope this gave you some sort of inspiration
towards college outfits but trust me, even I have days
were I'm close to wearing my pyjamas in!

Stay Stylish,

Shauna xox

College Edition: Whats In My Bag?

So as I was sorting out my college bag and getting all my bits and bobs together I now know where most of my wages go...towards stationary! I love a good organiser and matching notebooks to folders but oh my god I spend ridiculous amounts on paper basically..

This is just a little FYI before properly beginning this blog post - As most of you know I study science so what I carry around through college may be completely different to what a business student or an arts student would bring around with them such as a Lab Coat, lab glasses etc. so I tried my best to make this as basic and relatable for every student as possible!

The Bag...

I have to say that this year the bag pack is totally on trend but for me and all the bits that I lug around I cant find a stylish one anywhere that is big enough, especially if you're like me and bring everything and the kitchen sink with you. I did manage to buy a super chic bag, which was totally inspired by Freya Broni and her fab fab fab bag from Zara, and it only costed me €22... and no it wasn't from Penneys (for once!).

I bought the bag in H&M in Swords a couple of weeks ago and it was exactly what I wanted and needed! It fits everything and its super comfortable. But just in case there are days that I may have only a few lectures and not a lot of stuff to carry around I got myself a fab little bag pack from Penneys, like I have to stay on trend...

The Basics... 

So obviously you need things to write on and write with. I got a bit carried away with note books this year as I like to re-write everything to give me the sense that I understand everything we learnt in class when really I don't. I got two packs of these three A4 copies from Easons which were about €4 and I've one for each module then and I got two of these refill pads from Tesco which were €6 each and I use them in class when taking down extra notes to fill into my main notes at home that evening (I'm making myself feel way more organised that I actually am).

I got a cute pink holographic pencil case from Penneys of course but it wouldn't be me unless I misplace the thing a week before starting college... And then I bought all of Easons to fill the missing pencil case haha! I also cant find my calculator either, but the pencil case is still a bigger loss right now. A memory stick is a must for any student in any course, I cant't stress that enough. You do some many assignments and projects throughout college so I'd definitely invest in one asap! Being honest I get one every year off my parents as a stocking filler cause I'm constantly 'misplacing' them...

I got a cute marble notepad from Penneys (how many times can you says Penneys in one blog post...) just because it was marble and rose gold and then I bought an agenda from My Shining Armour and I just cant wait to fill it in!

The Essentials...

Okay so technically its essential to have  pen & paper for college but like what if you want a coffee? A pen wont get you that! Bits like a card holder/purse, your headphones, your phone etc. are bits that people carry everywhere with them so I had to include them in this post. Especially for girls, we carry every bit of make up we own with us, in case of emergencies...

eI ither have my iPad or laptop with me because all of my college notes are online so it is super handy to have, hand cream because no one wants crusty hands and perfume or if you're like me Victoria Secret Body Spray all day everyday!

I'm really hoping I havn't left anything out of this but I think thats all of the standard bits covered! Let me know if this was helpful in anyway and best of luck to all who have started back to college this week!

Thanks for reading,

Stay Stylish,

Shauna xox 

The College Series 101

Hi Guys! So technically I've no excuse for why the blog posts stopped all of a sudden 2/3 weeks ago but I've been planning this blog post for almost two weeks now so I was putting all my focus into it! I'm going into my third year of college and I remember when I started my first year not knowing what to expect,what I needed to buy for my student accommodation and silly things like that but I feel like a pro at this stage going around Penneys picking up everything in like five minutes!
I came up with the idea that a College Series of blog posts would be something different to do and after the response that Cloda Scanlon aka Orange Obviously got off her college haul blog post I knew there was an audience out there that wanted blog posts like these.
I've five blog post planned for the month of September and then throughout the year I'll be uploading different posts in relation to college etc. but for today I'm starting off with what you need to buy/get when moving into student accommodation, so basically a home wear haul, my fav!

I'm kinda OCD when it comes to my room and I like to have a theme in a sense like monochrome or Aztec etc. and although everywhere you look it marble/monochrome and copper (like my bedroom in Drogheda) I've decided to get colourful and go for a Moroccan themed room!

What you need: Bedroom....          What you need: Bathroom...       

Bed Sheets                                                                Towels
Duvet & Pillows                                                       Toiletries
Mirror (some may already have them)                     Hand Soap for the sink  incase noone else gets it!
Hangers                                                                     Bleach/Toilet Cleaner
                                                                                  Toilet Paper

Extras...                                                                     Extras...
Candles                                                                     Bath Mat
Cushions                                                                   Toothbrush holder
Fairy Lights
Storage boxes

Photo frames/Pictures

What you need: Kitchen....

The kitchen is more than likely full of all the necessary utensils but if you're like me I like to bring my own cup (maybe even two) and a decent chopping bored. You'll need tea towels, fairy liquid and dish clothes/brilo pads for around the sink and the lights of kitchen roll and tin foil etc. but thats probably it! Well, apart from the huge food shop your mam will be doing when you're about to move in lol...

TopTip: I can get cold easily and even with the heating on sometimes I still feel the cold so invest in a good pair of jammies and maybe even a dressing gown and warm slippers!
Also, even if your bed is a single bed why not just buy a double duvet for extra warmth? Its great during the winter to be able to wrap yourself up in it like a sausage roll haha!

Here are some of the bits I've gotten already for my house already for my move next week...

If you have any questions at all about starting college or where I bought most of my stuff ( Penneys Obvs!) you can comment below of find me on Facebook on the Pearls & Poison page!
Btw the travel kettle is for my bedroom, I'm a tea drinking addict...haha!

Thanks for reading,

Stay Stylish,

Shauna xox

Nia Cleansing Balm

     If you have been following my blog for awhile now you have probably guessed that I'm big on supporting Irish Brands, main example being Cocoa Brown Tan, but I have found a new Irish brand that I've fallen in love with and its a skin care brand.
Nia's skin care range are produced from all natural and organic products and they believe in the wonders of these natural/pure products in helping resolve some of your concerns towards your skin such as wrinkles. They have spoke about why they believe in natural products so much and their philosophy over on their website which you can visit here. 

I received my cleansing balm in a goodie bag from a blog event awhile back and I decided one evening to just give it ago not expecting much from it and of course I was proven wrong. Its a two step product which can be used for daily cleaning or removing make up and thats exactly what I used it for. So to quickly run through how to use it you start by wetting your face with water and then rubbing the balm in your hands before apply to your face. A spatula came with the balm but I never needed to use it and instead of rubbing the balm between my hands I applied it directly to my face and rubbed it in then (worked best for me). Then dampen the cloth and rub off the cleaning balm which will also remove and make up.

My skin felt nourished and soft after each time I used the cleansing balm and my make up was removed in seconds. Although this product is not as quick to use as Micellar water the after effects are much better. Micellar water can leave the face wet but not in a moisturizing way but the balm leaves the fave silky and soft without feeling dry.

In the box came six cleansing cloths, the cleansing balm and a spatula for easier use. I used one cloth two nights in a row and then washed it and I have been doing this for the last week so you don't have to use a new cloth every night and the fact that they cloths are machine washable is fantastic!
It retails at €19.95 but I have been using mine every night for a week and I've barely made a dint haha!! It's great to see Irish brands & companies doing so well and making amazing products like this cleansing balm and currently I'm scrolling through the Nia products to see what to try next!

"If you have good thoughts they will shine
out of your face like sunbeams
and you will always look lovely."

Thanks for reading,

Stay Stylish,

Shauna xox

Tenerife Sea

I am 100% addicted to travelling. I love exploring new places that I have never been before or going back to much loved cities over & over again. I don't go on hundreds of trips a year but I do try to go away around three times, once around the start of the year then in summer and finally in winter.I'm home a week now from my second trip this year which was to the lovely island of Tenerife!

This would be my favourite of the canary islands and anyone who has been to a few of them would say the same. It has amazing shopping from the likes of high street store Zara to designer stores like Gucci, any shopaholic would die and go to heaven when walking down the main shopping strip.

The food is another selling point in Tenerife. I went on holidays with Niall and for the two of us to have left different restaurants every night and never leave saying 'that could have been nicer' or 'I didn't enjoy that at all' definitely says something about the food. Obviously we had our favourites like a Chinese/Japanese restaurant called Oriental Garden which was so good we went back to on our last night as our 'last supper' haha! Another place which tickled our taste buds was a tapas bar called Friends, we also went here twice because the food was that good along with the amazing sea front view!

They have some amazing hotels and private apartments to stay in over in Tenerife and our apartment was right on the beach and right beside the main strip, it couldn't have been located and better! We stayed in Royal Gardens Tenerife, Playa de las Americas. It was super nice to look at and the pool area was perfect for taking photos around!

Tenerife is also a place where you can either sit by the pool or on the beach all day or you can get up and explore! There was a water park nearby called Siam Park, claiming to be the best water park in Europe and when you go there you can understand why! On the other side of the island was Loro Park (Loro Parque) which is an animal park which I wouldn't normally be a fan of because of the enclosing and capturing of animals in my opinion is horrible but this park actually brought most of its animals back to full health after being mistreated or ill in the wild! It was like walking through a jungle being there and it was probably one of the best days during the holiday.

 Myself and Niall both said this is definitely a place we will be visiting again, it was an amazing trip and I can't wait for many more. Tenerife is a place everyone should see as this island has so much to offer to everyone.

" Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer."

Thanks for reading,

Stay Stylish,

Shauna xox