18 Things of 2018

"Live your best life."

I know I havn't done a blog post since last October and I'm fully blaming the stress and work load that comes with final year! Fourth year is no laughing matter, unless you're like me and take the piss out of failing miserably.

 So about two weeks ago I decided that on the 1st of March (today) I would have a blog post ready to go and get back out into the world of blogging, and here I am.

I choose to do all this today because March is my birthday month (pass the cake!) and I also really needed to stop putting blogging on the long finger and stop making up excuses as to why I wasn't/couldn't blog.

This blog post is dedicated to all the things I hope to have achieved by the end of 2018, some are bigger and scarier than others so hopefully by writing them down it's like signing a contract into doing them...