College Edition: Whats In My Bag?

So as I was sorting out my college bag and getting all my bits and bobs together I now know where most of my wages go...towards stationary! I love a good organiser and matching notebooks to folders but oh my god I spend ridiculous amounts on paper basically..

This is just a little FYI before properly beginning this blog post - As most of you know I study science so what I carry around through college may be completely different to what a business student or an arts student would bring around with them such as a Lab Coat, lab glasses etc. so I tried my best to make this as basic and relatable for every student as possible!

The Bag...

I have to say that this year the bag pack is totally on trend but for me and all the bits that I lug around I cant find a stylish one anywhere that is big enough, especially if you're like me and bring everything and the kitchen sink with you. I did manage to buy a super chic bag, which was totally inspired by Freya Broni and her fab fab fab bag from Zara, and it only costed me €22... and no it wasn't from Penneys (for once!).

I bought the bag in H&M in Swords a couple of weeks ago and it was exactly what I wanted and needed! It fits everything and its super comfortable. But just in case there are days that I may have only a few lectures and not a lot of stuff to carry around I got myself a fab little bag pack from Penneys, like I have to stay on trend...

The Basics... 

So obviously you need things to write on and write with. I got a bit carried away with note books this year as I like to re-write everything to give me the sense that I understand everything we learnt in class when really I don't. I got two packs of these three A4 copies from Easons which were about €4 and I've one for each module then and I got two of these refill pads from Tesco which were €6 each and I use them in class when taking down extra notes to fill into my main notes at home that evening (I'm making myself feel way more organised that I actually am).

I got a cute pink holographic pencil case from Penneys of course but it wouldn't be me unless I misplace the thing a week before starting college... And then I bought all of Easons to fill the missing pencil case haha! I also cant find my calculator either, but the pencil case is still a bigger loss right now. A memory stick is a must for any student in any course, I cant't stress that enough. You do some many assignments and projects throughout college so I'd definitely invest in one asap! Being honest I get one every year off my parents as a stocking filler cause I'm constantly 'misplacing' them...

I got a cute marble notepad from Penneys (how many times can you says Penneys in one blog post...) just because it was marble and rose gold and then I bought an agenda from My Shining Armour and I just cant wait to fill it in!

The Essentials...

Okay so technically its essential to have  pen & paper for college but like what if you want a coffee? A pen wont get you that! Bits like a card holder/purse, your headphones, your phone etc. are bits that people carry everywhere with them so I had to include them in this post. Especially for girls, we carry every bit of make up we own with us, in case of emergencies...

eI ither have my iPad or laptop with me because all of my college notes are online so it is super handy to have, hand cream because no one wants crusty hands and perfume or if you're like me Victoria Secret Body Spray all day everyday!

I'm really hoping I havn't left anything out of this but I think thats all of the standard bits covered! Let me know if this was helpful in anyway and best of luck to all who have started back to college this week!

Thanks for reading,

Stay Stylish,

Shauna xox 

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