The Irish Beauty Show 2014

Each year the RDS in Dublin hosts The Irish Beauty Show. This year it was held on the 9th and 10th of March.The show consists of many stands, little and large, full to the brim of beauty supplies and equipment. This was my third year attending and definitely my best year by far! My friend Rosie cam along with me this year and even she was amazed but all that was on offer, but she did mention a few times that next year she is definitely going to save up for it and I don't blame her hehe!

From hair to make up to waxing and all things tanned and shimmering, every year the RDS is filled with many people hunting down the bargains and coming home with broken limbs from dragging bags all day long. It is every girls dream and at a reasonable price. Luckily I manage every year to receive free tickets into the beauty but if you arn't as lucky they do cost a whopping total of twenty euro but its totally work it ladies, you will buy enough tan to last you a year, maybe two!

This year many well know brands such as Fuschia, HD Brow, Salon Suppliers, O.P.I, Dermologica, Cocoa Brown, Crown Brush, Blank Canvas, Beverly Hills Whitening Formula and much more were all apart of this amazing event. I managed to spend all the money i went with and more, sure why not, and I came home a happy camper! It can be a little tight in the RDS but if your an early bird like myself, get up and be there at ten when the doors open to avoid disappointment and ques! Its the best way and the only way in my eyes!

This year was extra special for myself as I heard that Suzanne Jackson from Blog was going to be at the Crown Brush stand, even more reason for me to go haha! I went and waited around all day in the hope of meeting an idol of mine and I heard she wasn't arriving until six in the evening and this was at half twelve so me and Rosie said we'd leave it we cant wait all day since we already waited an hour for her but then just as we approached the exit door and announchment came on to say Suzanne Jackson was now at the Crown Brush stand. When I say I ran towards it, I ran like Usain Bolt to the stand! I think I knocked a few people over on my way but sure what can you do! After standing for twenty minutes in awe I finally got in a picture with Ms. Jackson, shaking and blabbering as I do, thanks nerves, you always show up at the right time!

If you have any other queries about the show head over to there website on the 1st of April when its back up and running and have a look for yourself!!
It is such a worth while thing to go to if you are into beauty of all kinds!!

Myself and Suzanna! Eeek!

Thanks for reading my first post as an adult as I'm officially 18 now, woohoo!!

Stay Stylish,

Shauna x x x