It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Hello my lovelies, today i wasn't too sure what to do exactly for my blog post so i thought, what the heck, I'll do something Christmassy and glitzy so here it is!

This weekend i decided to finally go get my wrapping paper cause every other year my Mam just gets enough for the both of us to use! So since i had a big decision on what to choose i said i better go to a shop with a hundred and one designs to choose from, Penneys! I eventually found a funky moustache print (which isn't that Christmassy) that looks so different! I can't wait to give people they're presents just so they can laugh at the wrapping papers haha!

Since it's not long now till the fat man comes sliding down our chimney i tried (but not succeeded) in painting my nails in a festive way! I'm not expert with nail painting skills but for an amateur i tried as best as i could with the use of my very, very shaky hands!

I love this time of year for so many reasons, you can eat all you like and not care, drink all the hot drink imaginable like my newest favourite Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks and  the sparkling decorations that can either be tacky or totes amazeballs and this weekend my family and i put up our decorations! I think its definitely the finishing touches on the Christmas spirit!

And of course i had to add a touch of Christmas to my room and last year i got this little fellow to stand up on my self to keep me company!
If your into the whole world of Vlogs like i am, go check out Zoella who is an amazing YouTuber who done a daily vlog through out the month of December, Vlogmas! It really puts you into the Christmas mood!

I'm off now for another week to watch The Santa Clause 2!! I hope everyone has a great week :)

Stay Stylish,

Shauna x x

Dear Santa..

As Christmas is approaching I think it's time I write my Christmas wish list! I LOOOOOOOOVE this part of Christmas but this year I really did struggle, like its not so easy writing a list of things you want!
But I thought of a few things that I have had my eye on recently and each one is fabulous in their own way!

Its not as exciting as lasts years list anyways but these items range from high street to designer so there is something for everyone!

Make Up: 

I'm really enjoying doing my eye make up recently and this shadow palette by Fuschia is ideal for a matte smokey look! Its a girls best friend and can create so many looks for a day time or night time look!

Fuschia Basic Eye Palette

This is the colour of the season and Mac have teamed up with the right lady to get this amazing shade! Every girl needs this in her stocking this year! hehe.

Mac- RiRi 'Talk that Talk'


I love me a cosy winter coat and the fur collars are all in this season and these two jackets from Missguided are well worth the money! The fur can be taken off, and with or without it is a stylish piece you can have for years!
       This coat adds to the pleather trend with the foax leather sleeves and the larger than life fur collar!

These little cuties are from River Island and they are the ankle boots of all ankle boots! Who wouldn't want a pair of these? They're the new version of Cinderella's Slippers!

Jewellery :

I got my Panadora bracelet last Christmas from Santa and I love it, even though I haven't expanded on my two charm collection just yet Ive had my eye on these two charms! They are matching the Red & Silver theme of my bracelet and are literally my ideal charms! Obviously Santa listened very well to me this year he decided to make these just for me!

35 euro

25 euro
Both of these charms (tea cup & candy cane) are available from Panadora stores Nationwide and Online!

This is also another item from Panadora's new collection and its one of there 'Better Together' Rings and its such a stunning and simple piece that every girl should have! It comes in a wide variety of colours to suit everyone but of course, I choose pink!

35 euro


This year I decided that I need a new everyday go to bag! I like larger bags for every day use and I tend to bring everything bar the kitchen sink with me so a small bag just wont do! And in my opinion the only arm candy needed by a woman isn't a man, its a fabulous bag!
I found a bag that instantly caught my eye and then caught it again when I seen it in another colour, it's from River Island by the way!
55 euro
It also comes in an amazing lime green colour, it's to die for! But I'm on the hunt for an everyday bag and lime green clashes with somethings unfortunately but I'd be happy with either bags! It just means whichever one I don't get off Santa, I buy in the sales!

The 'Surprise':

When flicking through the pages of the Boots Christmas Catalogue I noticed a few new things they added to their range of food gifts; STARBUCKS!!!
Now if your a coffee lover like myself you will understand why a Starbucks gift is probably the best gift you could ever get. This years boots teamed up with Starbucks and created 3 gifts sets ranging from 16-22 euro, great value!
18 euro
My favourite is definitely the Carmel Syrup set as this Syrup always seems to be sold out in and Starbucks coffee shop when I go to buy it!

This is my own personal Christmas Wish list so if you have anything on your wish list you'd like to share, leave a comment below, I'd love to know!

And remember, the Elves are watching...

Stay stylish,

Shauna x x

What I Wore; Diaries of a Ginger

This weekend i just can't find the time to do my normal blog post so I thought id just upload a simple OOTD  (outfit of the weekend technically!) and give you an idea of the newest trends on the high street!

So after an eventful day Saturday chilling with my mates Kodaline, yeah that's right I'm friends with the cool kids, me and my family went out for a meal that evening. It was such a nice restaurant, the atmosphere was great and the food was delice! Since it wasn't exactly the most formal occasion I wasn't planning on ripping out a full length diamante gown out of my closet I decided to stick with comfy but stylish clothes!

Most of my clothes come from my favourite boutique well know as Penneys! People have no excuse not to be dressed well like come on, even their socks are amazing!
My black blazer and black cami are both from Primark/Penneys along with my pearl necklace, which has literally just hit the shelves.
My trousers/leggings are from Topshop and are the most comfiest things ever, my pyjamas aren't even as comfy as these bad boys!
And finally, Cinderella's slippers are from Zara but i hadn't patience to wait to get them in Penneys like the smart shoppers did! hehe.

Sunday is normally my stay in your pyjamas in the hope that you don't have to leave the house kind of day which was unfortunately the opposite for me this week. As i wasn't really going anywhere i just kept everything sweet and simple.

Everyone needs a stable pair of black jeans in their wardrobe and my favourite pair are River Islands Molly mid rise jeggins! They are God's gift to women, seriously! They suck you in in all the right places and can be worn with anything.
My Shirt is also from River Island. I got my boots from eBay, after seeing a similar pair in River Island I just knew i needed these in my life, and wardrobe! My frilly socks are Penneys best and Necklace is from Topshop (sale of course!).

Hopefully everyone had a nice a quiet weekend like me and if you didn't and you went out on a mad one, don't tell me, I'll only get jealous!
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Until next week, stay stylish

Shauna x x
Puppy Love!

Kodaline! Eeek!

My Lips Are Sealed!

Bright eyes and bold lips are all in this season!
Lipsticks, stains, glosses, anything really that will give you a pop of colour is essential during the winter, especially red!
Lipsticks and glosses can make a simple face look bold. To me, they are a necessity and there isn't one shade I don't look! From icy , to ruby red, to in your face orange!

All year around my fav's for my lips are similar but this year the deep colours or red and purple have creeped into my top five favourite lipsticks;

Fuschia-Nude/Glossybox-Golden/Sleek-Cherry/Mas-Viva Glam 2/Mac-Impassioned
With every lipstick comes a perfect match! And here are the best matches on the market for my favourites:

You don't need to spend all your hard earned money on such simple make up necessities! Brands like Mac, Benefit, YSL, Chanel that have increased the prices in their lip products recently don't mean that they are any better than before or last longer than they used to.

The most popular dupe in lipstick history (in my opinion of course hehe!) is Mac's Rebel. The best dupe i found was from the brand Sleek and they have a similar shade called Cherry! Its as cheap as chips and just as good, so why not save your self a few bob and pick up this winter necessity!

Sleek Cherry 6 euro

Mac Rebel 13 euro

Last but note least, Lip Lock! The most important part of the lip routine. Many brands now make their own version of a Lipcote and they really do keep your lipstick on that bit longer. I got mine in my Glossybox but brands such a Rimmel and Maybelline.

Remember, always carry a good lip gloss in your bag ladies, You'll never know when you have to pucker those luscious lips!

Shauna x

Sweater Weather

Oh the weather outside is frightful..

My favourite time of year is Winter! The woolly jumpers, icy mornings, dark nights and sitting by the hot crisp fire with a cup of hot cocoa after a long day. I'm not one for the sun and hot weather thanks to my colouring (in other words, because I'm ginger!!) so i love when the end of October comes and wearing your favourite thick cosy coat is now completely acceptable in society hehe!

Too soon for decorations or not?? Hmmm...

For me,  Bare Essentials are different for everyone but there are somethings that are a must!
     The necessities ;

  • A winter coat that can be worn everyday and night, that will complete every outfit and keep you warm all at once.
  • A good moisturiser and chap stick - these winter months can do great damaged to our beautiful skin and ladies, we cant let it happen anymore! So get yourself a good moisturiser (which you don't have to break the bank buying) and chap stick such a Vaseline or my favourite, Cherry Carmex!
  • Fluffy Feet! - Penneys/Primark are the best for stocking up in fluffy slipper socks which can be worn all year around but are especially cosy during the cold months! They have so many designs your bound to find a pair you'll love.
  • Hot Chocolate -if there is one thing I can not live without when the weather is bitter cold out, it's hot chocolate! I'm a choc-a-holic and proud and I love sipping on a extra hot cup of cocoa after school with a million and one marshmallows! It's all about putting on the extra pound these next two months to keep us warm hehe!
  • Deep and Dark make-up - Keep the deep purple and reds on your lips, nails and cheeks! The 'Vampy' look is all in this season and spruces up any ones look! Why not try Sleeks Cherry lipstick, affordable and long last!

Love Heart Lights - Primark
 I'm normally not one for being into wearing black on black but recently that doesn't seem to be the case! My OOTD's have been so different from Kimonos to Bat wing Cardi's and black skinnies with everything!
But one of my favourite looks so far was Jessica Alba's midi skirt and crop jumper...


Although I'd love to pull off an outfit like this I wouldn't try, I'd only ruin it... But here is my favourite OOTD so far!

Kimono&Top - Missguided/ Jeans- Rive Island/ Boots-Boohoo/ Hat-eBay
The one thing I couldn't live without this winter would definitely be my Short Bailey Button Uggs! I got them in New York and haven't taken them off my feet ever since I got them hehe!They are super soft on the inside and go with every outfit! Well worth the money, so spare yourself the embarrassment of the worn down Primark Uggs and invest in these!

                                         Happy Holidays, keep warm and forever stay stylish!

Love Shauna x x

I'm sorry but, who are you?

What do you say in your first blog post?


Hi my name is *blah blah blah*..

I set up this blog not to tell people my life story or who I am or my signifigance but to share my love for the world of fashion and beauty. Yes, I know there are a hundred and one beauty bloggers probably a gazillion times better than me, older than me, waaaaaaay more experienced than me but i'm taking the plunge hoping this little gem of mine works out for the better.

I could sit up till all hours of the cold winter mornings reading some of my favourite blogs and i'm not aiming for a thousand subscribers i'm just hoping that Pearls & Poison can give at least one person an extra beauty tip or whatever that maybe makes someone feel that bit better or more confident in themselves.

So with little introduction into my life, my name is Shauna and i'm seventeen years old, currently still in Secondary/High School. Some might think that being in my final year and with all my major exams this year that its crazy putting time into a blog but I think the absolute opposite. Everyone needs that something that after a long hard day they have a bit of peace in their life they can look forward too an this is the peace that my blog will hopefully bring me.

I'm all for sparkles and pink but I can rock the chic biker look just as quick as I can be preppy and pretty! I'm not one for following 'the crowd' for fashion or beauty I like to be one step ahead and if the shoes fit, wear them! Being different isn't a bad thing, people will look at you whether its for a good or bad reason but at the end of the day their the ones looking at you as you caught their attention and not the other way around.

 I may not be as frequent as most bloggers and I may start off at a turtles pace but hopefully I catch someones attention in a good way!

Remember, an outfit is never complete without a smile! (and a good pair of shoes! hehe)