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2016 has been the year of treat yo' self, well in my case it has! I think sometimes all a girl needs is a little pamper time, whether that's a DIY job at home or going out to a salon and getting the full whack. I was unfortunately blessed with the fairest but longest eyelashes and tint never lasts long on them so eyelash extensions was the only way to go. Looking around to see where was best to go for the quality and price wasn't too difficult as a lot of people recommended the same person which was great because then you know they must be good at what they do. But being me and always being last to the party I decided right before Christmas I wanted an appointment, and do you think anywhere had one? Course not, Then, Santa's elves worked their magic and I got a message to say there was an appointment free straight after Christmas if that would suit. To me the fact that I didn't have to try make another appointment but instead I was contacted to see if I still wanted one was so courteous and just shows you how well this girl is at running her business! Not all places would do what this girl did. To cut to the chase I went to Sylvanna in Grange Rath, Drogheda a.k.a Sylvanna's Lashes and she couldn't have been any nicer or any better at her job! The time and patience put into my lashes was immense and it was such a relaxing experience to say the least.
I wanted a more natural lash which wasn't too long and that's exactly what I got! I couldn't recommend Sylanna anymore even if I tried, she was just so lovely and really makes and effort with her clients which stands to her.

Check out her Facebook page for more info and if you want to make an appointment for youself:

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