What I Ate Wednesday

So this is my first ever 'What I Ate Wednesday' and I'm super excited to start this on my blog mainly because it might help me get back on the health kick that I need haha! I started my day off with a simple but filling breakfast at 10am, having two Wheeto Bix, some linseed and skinny milk! I also had a glass of orange juice, my fav! The linseed, cereal and juice where all bought in my local Lidl and milk in Dunnes Stores. The linseed was gluten free, high in fibre and omega 3 so its a great thing to add to your cereal or yogurts in the morning!
I didnt have any lunch today as I didnt feel the best so I took a nap and when I woke at 3:30pm I began to make the dinner instead!I normally wouldn't have dinner till 5/6pm if I have lunch. Im trying to not eat any bread what so ever but I'm making an exception to tortilla wraps.. Craving some spice today I used a Fajita Kit from Dunnes Stores, peppers, red onion and chicken to make Fajitas for dinner, and it was delicious! I am a cheese addict so I found this reduced fat white cheddar in Lidl and I'm trying to eat less cheese than I normally would and it definitley is a struggle! But you can't have Fajitas without cheese..right?
I used tinned tomatoes and chillies, mixed herbs and Fajita spice to the mixure to give its flavour along with mild salsa and sour cream, recipe for deliciousness!! When frying food I like to use coconut oil, It doesnt give any odd taste to food but its a healthy alternative to other cooking oils!
Normally during the week I try to stray from unhealthy snacks but as I took a visit to my grandparents house it would be rude of me to turn down some tea and cake..hehe!!
To end my day I had my usual night time cup of tea in bed watching some Grimm, best show ever if you ask me!
I hope you all enjoyed this change of post, but I want to try new things over at Pearls and Poison and today I was inspired by my food haha! Thanks for Reading. Stay stylish, Shauna xox

Tull Skirts and Plenty of Pink!

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Last Saturday it was my cousin Noah's Christening and as the weather was fab that day my outfit of choice was perfect! A few months ago I purchased this tull/mesh skirt in River Island in their mid-season sale. I was looking at it for ages but wasn't willing on paying full price for it (€60 eeek!!). Everything else in my outfit I've had a good few months if not years by now!
  I love wearing peachy tones when the sun is out, this is one of the few colours which doesn't make me look as white as a ghost! My hair and make up was very simple on the day, loose curls pined back                           and a soft smokey eye with a nude lip, perfection if you ask me!

                                          Jacket (€9)/ Cami (€4) - Penneys/Primark
                                                    Skirt (€20) - River Island
                                                    Shoes (€40) - Missguided

My handbag was Vivinne Westwood and my necklace was from a boutique in Tenerife!

Thanks for Reading!

Stay Stylish,

Shauna xox

Casual Friday OOTD

So after work my friend Rosie and I decided to meet up for something to eat but neither us of wanted to get dressed up so casual Friday it was. We went to the Eastern Seaboard in Drogheda, amazing as always. After just being home from work I just wanted to be comfortable and also cover up the dodgy tan on my elbows haha! So I came up with this simple outfit, mainly made of clothes from Penneys/Primark! 

Top - River Island (Spring Collection) - €30
Jeans - Penneys/Primark - €19
Shoes - Penneys/Primark(Limited Edition) - €24

I just wore my Micheal Kors watch and bracelet along with my Mi Moneda necklace to jazz it up a little and used my Givenchy handbag.

Thanks again for reading,
Stay Stylish,

Shauna xox