The College Series 101

Hi Guys! So technically I've no excuse for why the blog posts stopped all of a sudden 2/3 weeks ago but I've been planning this blog post for almost two weeks now so I was putting all my focus into it! I'm going into my third year of college and I remember when I started my first year not knowing what to expect,what I needed to buy for my student accommodation and silly things like that but I feel like a pro at this stage going around Penneys picking up everything in like five minutes!
I came up with the idea that a College Series of blog posts would be something different to do and after the response that Cloda Scanlon aka Orange Obviously got off her college haul blog post I knew there was an audience out there that wanted blog posts like these.
I've five blog post planned for the month of September and then throughout the year I'll be uploading different posts in relation to college etc. but for today I'm starting off with what you need to buy/get when moving into student accommodation, so basically a home wear haul, my fav!

I'm kinda OCD when it comes to my room and I like to have a theme in a sense like monochrome or Aztec etc. and although everywhere you look it marble/monochrome and copper (like my bedroom in Drogheda) I've decided to get colourful and go for a Moroccan themed room!

What you need: Bedroom....          What you need: Bathroom...       

Bed Sheets                                                                Towels
Duvet & Pillows                                                       Toiletries
Mirror (some may already have them)                     Hand Soap for the sink  incase noone else gets it!
Hangers                                                                     Bleach/Toilet Cleaner
                                                                                  Toilet Paper

Extras...                                                                     Extras...
Candles                                                                     Bath Mat
Cushions                                                                   Toothbrush holder
Fairy Lights
Storage boxes

Photo frames/Pictures

What you need: Kitchen....

The kitchen is more than likely full of all the necessary utensils but if you're like me I like to bring my own cup (maybe even two) and a decent chopping bored. You'll need tea towels, fairy liquid and dish clothes/brilo pads for around the sink and the lights of kitchen roll and tin foil etc. but thats probably it! Well, apart from the huge food shop your mam will be doing when you're about to move in lol...

TopTip: I can get cold easily and even with the heating on sometimes I still feel the cold so invest in a good pair of jammies and maybe even a dressing gown and warm slippers!
Also, even if your bed is a single bed why not just buy a double duvet for extra warmth? Its great during the winter to be able to wrap yourself up in it like a sausage roll haha!

Here are some of the bits I've gotten already for my house already for my move next week...

If you have any questions at all about starting college or where I bought most of my stuff ( Penneys Obvs!) you can comment below of find me on Facebook on the Pearls & Poison page!
Btw the travel kettle is for my bedroom, I'm a tea drinking addict...haha!

Thanks for reading,

Stay Stylish,

Shauna xox

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