The Belle Brush

So as everyone may know by now I've had my Belle Hair extensions in since March of this year and I don't know how I ever lived without them! Between the amazing quality of the hair, the even better service you receive from the girls in the salon, I've had an overall great experience with them and can't see myself without them.

Recently, the owner Nancy has designed her own brush specialised for extensions and launched it back in September. This brush is not just amazing for hair with extensions but even people without extensions will be able to use it and find it just as beneficial.
I recently done a small live video (daunting, I know) explaining briefly about this wonder product but I wanted to do an in dept blog post explaining all you need to know about it.

Boston Baby

"Of all the books in the world, the best stories are between the pages of a passport."

So after my third trip of the year I can officially say I'm not the biggest fan or airports anymore...
but that won't stop me from travelling the world one country at a time!

I'm only back from Boston a day now and straight back over to Galway for my final year in college so to say I'm tired would be a slight understatement. Boston was the fourth place I was lucky enough to visit in the States and like every other state it was completely different to anywhere that I've been before in the US.

Festival Fashion

"Make love & listen to the music."

With festival season in full swing and the fact that Longitude is next weekend and I've no clue what I'm wearing I've been constantly flicking through Pinterest in the hope I get some short of inspiration.

Unfortunately now I've the opposite problem; there are too many outfits I want to wear!! 
For me the likes of Missguided, Boohoo and Pretty Little Thing are great online shops to get inspiration from too or even get the outfit from. Most of the clothes I picked out are from these shops and will be linked below but if like me you know you might only get the one wear out of this outfit and don't want to break the bank then use it an inspo! Go into the likes of good aul Penneys and you'll be guaranteed to find something along the same lines.








Brown Boots:
Black Boots:
Red Western Belt:
Two Tone Shorts:
Tassel Belt:
Tassel Kimono:
White Dress:
Black Hat:

Most of the only shops have festival sections which are so handy for getting ideas from, these are just a few of the pieces that caught my eye! 
I hope that this helps some of you gals out, festival fashion is one of my favs and I think you can just go mad with it and wear whatever and no-one would look at you twice!

Thanks for reading,

Stay Stylish,

Shauna xox

Cycle 1: The SSS Plan

"I'm working on myself, for myself, by myself."

I'm definitely one of those people who goes to the gym the whole time but wastes all that hard work by eating my weight in crap, literally. So about seven or eight weeks ago I decided I wanted to change that and get myself into a routine with what I eat, how often I eat etc. and this is where The Body Coach comes in. So I've heard, and probably most of the internet, about Joe Wicks and his amazing guides but I've never found the need to try them. I'm a huge fan of Dominique Nugent and about a year ago I remember her doing The SSS (Shape, Shit and Sustain) Plan designed by Joe Wicks. She was unhappy in herself and her bad eating habits (like myself) and found that this plan worked wonders for her and she looks unreal afterwards. I think by seeing how great see looked and how motivated she became it gave me the push to try it as well. 

So back at the end of April I decided enough was enough and signed up for The SSS Plan, and started it two weeks later. It took about a week for the team to design my nutrition and exercise plan, and I had a holiday the first week in May so I waited until I was back from that to get started. The key to this cycle is prep. Every Sunday I would make about 6 meals and freeze them to bring to work with me for my lunch and I'd make my dinner each night which would mainly be green vegetables, chicken and sweet potato fries (if I was just back from the gym). Cycle one was three main meals and two snacks per day, and on days where you exercised you could have a carb fueled meal an hour after you exercised. I was so bad at eating the snacks and found that out of each week I still had one or two bad days where I couldn't stick to it. Even though I trained five days a week, most of my meals had no visible carbs like bread, pasta, rice etc. which can be a struggle.

Over the four weeks I did have ups and downs, it definitely is no where as easy and I thought and I was disappointed in myself for breaking back into bad habits. I think the whole process of doing one of these plans is to have the right mindset going into them, which I thought I did but clearly I didn't. And this is why, after getting through Cycle One and half way through Cycle Two I've decided to pause myself her, and start over again once I'm back from my holiday to Greece in August. This isn't me giving up because one you do this plan you can do it over and over again which is great. I want to give it 110% next time and get the best results I can out of it and not get into bad habits like I did.

So for the next four weeks before I jet off I'm going to just try and get into good eating habits which I hope will get me on the right track to start the plan again. It's me that wasn't working, not the plan so don't let this put you off doing it I just wanted people to know that you have to be prepared to work hard for this to work out for you. 

Although the plan didn't go amazing for me I still managed to tone up and lose nearly 3kg. I lost 5 inches overall and I did notice small differences when I put my before and after pictures together.

I have new goals now for the next four weeks which I think I can reach (I hope) and hopefully by reaching these goals it'll give me the motivation and determination to get back on track and into a healthy lifestyle.

Thanks for reading,

Stay Stylish,

Shauna xox

Bryt Is Right

"If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely"

Skincare is not my forte, and normally when someone isn't into skincare it's because they have impeccable skin. Unfortunately for me that's not the case. My skin is dry and dehydrated with the occasional break out. Since getting into blogging and listening to beauty gurus I've realised how important skincare can be. Back in March at the Build It Up Tour by Nima Brush, owner Niamh Martin spoke highly on how important a serum is in our skincare routine and I never really put much thought into until now.  

Bryt Skincare kindly sent me out one of their serums - The Essential Serum, which is for normal to sensitive skin. It contains essential oils such as Rose Absolute and English Camomile which help nourish and nurture sensitive skin. Bryt skincare are cruelty free and vegan friendly - something which is huge in the beauty industry right now. The serum is rich in skin-balancing active ingredients which help balance and maintain the skin's natural equilibrium.

I've been using the serum along with an eye cream and moisturiser (day/night) and I've noticed how my breakouts have cleared up in a matter of a few days. My skin is also more hydrated compared to what it was. I put this on rather than a primer as it keeps your make up in place all day long, especially for me who works in a lab my make up doesn't budge!


I know if I use the serum for longer it'll have a more dramatic effect to my skin but after using it for just over a week there are definitely noticeable changes. The serum is extremely light weight on the skin and fast drying. It gives a glow to the face, like a dewy effect as if you put a strobe cream on under your foundation. It's so fast drying which is great because you don't want to be waiting around for it to dry to apply your make up.

The serum has the most amazing smell, this was the first thing I noticed. It's so fresh and floral, perfect for the summer months! Make up application is made easier with this serum, my foundation blends in far easier. It's clear to see the dewy effect the serum gives under make up from the picture below, all I have on my skin is my foundation, setting powder and the serum!

Bryt have a huge range of skincare available on their website so make sure to check it out. Super affordable for such great quality products. 
Click Here too view all of their amazing products.

Thanks for reading,

Stay Stylish,

Shauna xox

The Body Coach: A Lifestyle Plan

"I'm working on myself, for myself, by myself."

So as I'm writing this blog post I'm almost finished Cycle one of The Body Coach's 90 Day SSS Plan. This is the Shift, Shape and Sustain plan and lasts twelve weeks, so three cycles. I started this plan because I felt that out of no where I gained two stone, like I woke up one morning and BAM there were two of me...

Since September I was a size 6 and at my lowest I was 8st 1lb, and at the time I was so frustrated because I genuinely couldn't put on any weight and I ate enough for a small village. I think your mind set has a lot to do with weight gain, like when I'm stressed and not happy in myself I tend to lose weight fast and a lot of it.

So here I am, extremely un-happy in my size more so than my weight because I'm struggling to fit into my size 8 skinny jeans unlike a few weeks ago when a size six was even big on me! I don't think I've ever been so open to talking about my weight gain because people who know me know I don't let things get to me in a negative way but one day I just decided enough was enough. I tried for three weeks to cut back on food and up on exercise and noticed no difference so it was time to take serious action.

Dominique Nugent was a huge influence into why I started this plan, she was heavier than me when she started it and lost over two stone. For me I'm aiming (and praying) to lose 18lbs and be the perfect size 8, which is just over a stone to get me to me goal weight and I know at this weight how my body should look. Know the first thing you will learn with this plan is that the scales is called the 'sad step' and we shouldn't go by them, but for me it's the reason I've kept it up. I've lost 1.5lbs each week the last three weeks and I'm hoping it keeps up because by the end of the 12 weeks I'll have lost the 18lbs.

So far I don't notice a change in how I look, but my choice of food and training has improved and it's still only the first few weeks so I know I can't give up just yet! I set a goal of 6lb weight lost with each cycle and I'm chuffed to say I'm almost at my goal and the first cycle is nearly up! Being honest, I'm still finding the food part hard because I have the biggest sweet tooth, so the odd time I do break code and cheat but I promised myself that with Cycle two and three that I won't give in and push myself so hard.

The food is so so nice with the program I think it's more of a mental thing telling yourself and your body that you can't have something. You always want what you can't have. I find that sometimes rather than having a meal from the long list of recipes I'll just have something I know is similar enough to what I would be allowed to have like a pizza wrap with healthier options like a wholemeal wrap, feta cheese, loads of veg and protein rather than a thick base pizza with full fat cheese and dips.

This is not just a quick fix plan this is a plan which will change how you train and eat forever ( I hope! ) with the odd cheat here and there. This plan won't work unless you do, just like everything else in life, but thankfully I'm loving it so far but I'm dying to finish it to see if I reach my goal weight and shape! My Cycle one blog post will be up in the next week or two once I'm finished and in that I'll go into more detail about meals, training etc.

Thanks for reading,

This could be the start of a new fitness/foodie series who knows but as always...

Stay Stylish,

Shauna xox

Pest Is Best

"I'd rather have stamps in my passport than money in my pocket"

I've been so quiet lately and it's basically because I've just about enough time to breath let alone write a blog post! In the last three weeks I've started a second job (or third if you count the odd shifts I do back in my old job) and I started The Body Coach 90 Day SSS Challenge and let me tell you it is a bloody challenge! But I'm loving the business and planning ahead and whatever because I know what I want and I know I'll have to work hard day in day out to get it.

But before this madness begun myself and my friend Shannen went to the beautiful city of Budapest and I've never enjoyed a city break like this before! There is loads to see and do and the weather was gorgeous and the people were so so friendly, oh did I mention it's dirt cheap? First time coming home from a holiday with money before and it's not as if I went with loads in the first place.

So we went on an early flight Saturday May 6th and we got there by lunch time. We stayed in an AirBNB and our 'landlord' organised for a car to collect us from the airport when we arrived. I'd say it was about 25 minutes again we got to the apartment, which was located five minutes out o the city centre. The apartment was amazing, like it was so modern and chic, total bloggers dream! And it was right beside a Costa, another cafe (which was even nicer than Costa) a supermarket and a few small Hungarian restaurants. We got the metro into the city, which was only 3 stops away and explored for most of Saturday as the weather was unreal, still didn't get a tan though...

     The apartment was called Art & Bike apartment on AirBNB and it was only €100 for two nights, so €50 each which is for nothing especially considering how nice it is! We also got champagne and chocolates from the man who was renting it out which was such a nice gesture. With the apartment we also had two bikes to use whenever we wanted if we wanted to go into the city on them or just go for a cycle around the area we were staying in. 

We went to the thermal bath party on the Saturday night (Spary if you will) and I was determined to keep a full face of make up on and not get my hair wet...that lasted an hour. I never experienced anything like it before and I feel like i you do go to Budapest you must do this, this made our trip!It began at half ten that night until the early hours of the following morning and our tickets were €60 each including 5 beers or 3 cocktails each which was such good value or what we got.

Before the madness o the bath party we tried Hungarian street food, washed down with some lovely Mojitos and it was so good! I know I'm not fussy with food but honestly there is so much to choose rom like on the Sunday evening we went for Pizza & pasta and this little Italian and it was nicer than any that I've tried before.

Depending on where you eat the prices can vary so outside of the centre is much cheaper, around €3-€5 would get you a main meal but in the city you'd pay closer to €10. The drink is also very cheap, cocktails weren't even €5 so I definitely had more than I needed!
Overall it's still cheaper than Ireland or food and drink and the quality of the food and service is still a high standard!

On Sunday we went on a Hop-On-Hop-Off bus tour of the whole city, including both the Buda and Pest sides. We stayed in Pest, because Pest is Best, and also because that's where everything is bar the Castle. We didn't 'hop off' at any stage because we were a little bit broken from the night before but we got to see everything from the bus so we didn't feel the need to get off. 

I would definitely go back in a heart beat and do so much more, like see The Opera House, go on the Big Wheel in the main square, little things like that. I really cant fault this amazing city, I don't think anyone could. It was so lively, accommodating young hen and stag parties and It was also full of older couples just on a city break like ourselves.

If anyone has any questions on flights, where we stayed, places to drink or eat (which I don't know the name of but I can give directions to them haha!) and things to do feel free to pop me a message and I'll give you as much info as I can!

Thanks for reading and I hope this helped anyone who is thinking o going to Budapest!

Stay stylish,

Shauna xox

Coachella Is Calling..

"One day your life will flash before your eyes, make sure it's worth watching."

I adore festival style (especially Erika Fox's a.k.a Retro flame, she nails it every time) and as Coachella was this weekend I thought it was the perfect opportunity to do a festival inspired look, especially before festival season starts here in Ireland!

So I literally threw this outfit together in two seconds and I know everything is old stock but can easily be re-created with similar pieces from the likes of Missguided, Pretty Little Thing, Penneys etc. I kinda put all the festival go to's together into one outfit (bar denim) such as tassels, faux suede, a hat (of course) and leather.

Coachella is definitely on my bucket list, the bloody thing is growing by the day but I'll get through it, eventually... If I was to go to it, serious outfit planning would be in order and not a two second job like this, but it just goes to show that you can easily russell up something without having to spend a bomb!

I hope this look gives you some sort of inspo for your festival outfits but if not I'll leave Erika's blog link here and there's no doubt that this girl won't make you green with envy with her amazing style!

Thanks for reading,

Stay Stylish,

Shauna xox