Tanning Thursday

            Even though this post is going live on a Friday, I did tan myself on Thursday! I can't live without fake tan, I feel and look like Casper the ghost without it haha. Some of my favorite tans are Tan Organic and Cocoa Brown but I definitely didn't start off using these beauties.

   One of the first tans I ever tried was St. Moriz, purely because I was 14/15 and it was cheap, no questions asked. Now, I used this tan religiously and I loved it but as I got older and more "tan conscious" I wanted to try different brands. I used the mousse from St. Moriz and recently while in Penneys a new St. Moriz was released and this was in a lotion form. The fact that it contained olive milk drew me in because I knew it would be a hydrating tan which is what I need since I've such dry skin.The tan was easily applied using a tanning mitt and washed off nicely the next morning after application. And to make matters better, it was only €5.00....so basically free haha!

             Before...                                         During...                                      After....

I got dark shade of tan as always and after rinsing off the top layer I applied a coat of Cocoa Brown Golden Goddess to give it a bit of shazam!

            Finishing result after applying both of these products! I will definitely be repurchasing both, which are available in  Penneys nationwide! Hope you enjoyed this post!

                                                            Stay Stylish,
                                                        Shauna xox


New Year, New Skincare

     Between the icy cold weather and all the sweet treats consumed over the holidays, your skin has definitely seen brighter days! I hate how my skin looks and feels during these months, its dry, cracked, dull and I get such random break outs from filling my body with the wrong things!!

Luckily, I kindly received a cleansing oil from Irish brand Anneco and this has done wonders for my skin! This is a hot cloth organic cleansing oil which is perfect for anyone looking to improve their daily skin care routine. 

A small amount of oil will remove a full face of make up. It has a fresh and zesty smell of lime and it perfect for all skin types! It is very similar to the Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser but at a fraction of the price (RRP €18.50).  I used this product every night for two weeks and It cleared away the spots and redness I had and also hydrated my dull and dry skin! I had no bad reaction to the product and even on days where I don't wear make up I still cleanse with this at night and wake up with brighter skin!

With layer of foundation
One drops removed it!

   A muslin cloth can be purchased in any pharmacy and are in no way expensive. This product will forever be in my skin care routine because it did wonders to my skin and I have never found a product that can remove my make up so effortlessly without being harsh to my skin.

        Anneco have a wide rang of make up, skin care and brushes all available on their website 

                                    Let me know if anyone has ever tried any products from Anneco!

                                                                        Stay Stylish,
                                                                 Shauna xox

Only the Beginning...

So to start this year off with a bang, myself and the fab Liz have worked so hard to finally re-design Pearls & Poison and make this little gem into something amazing!
A new layout and template has been custom made to suit the style and content behind the blog. I'm very excited about the changes and working with the very talented Liz who will be very much involved in the PR aspect of P&P.
After many weeks of planning, we came up with the idea of a blog which will relate more so to students especially as we both know the struggles of being one! The blog won't just focus on student aspects but a large part of it will be directed at students everywhere! We also hope to expand the lifestyle aspects of this blog and make a lot more posts to do with fitness and food/diet such as 'easy at home workouts' or 'how to do your weekly food shop for under €15 etc.
The best time to start this journey is now at the very start of 2016 and we can't begin to explain the excitement! This is only the beginning for Pearls & Poison...


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