Hightlight of the Week!

                                                      Happy Saturday Everyone!!

 Highlighting and Contouring are big amongst the beauty world. With the whole idea of strobing now coming into play, highlighting your face has never been so crucial.
I love a good highlighter, I don't think the whole dewy skin look works well for me since I find I have quite oily skin on certain parts of my face.
          I would normally go for a matte foundation or a foundation for combination skin which would be quite drying on the face, what I need, but I find it really takes that natural glow away. I have tried out so many highlighters, very few that I have not agreed with or liked.

          All highlighters I had tried are a range of high end to high street, liquid to powder. I would normally prefer a powder highlighter but I have never had a bad experience with liquid highlighters.

Everyday Glows....

Garnier Moist Match Moisturiser
From Boots, retails at €8.29
'Protect & Glow'
Gives the perfect natural glow, sets a base for foundation 
and protects the skin. Also contains SPF 20.
I would highly recommend this as it is a 2 in 1, moisturiser and highlighter!

Seventeen Shimmer Brick
From Boots, retails at €6.99
This is great for a subtle glow, it also combines as a contour.
It gives great pigmentation and doesn't leave an oily finish to the skin.

Night time Glows...

Seventeen Skin Wow! Liquid Glow Tan
From Boots, retails at €8.49
Apply under foundation for better results
It holds your foundation in place, gives a deeper tone to your foundation
 and also highlights the skin!
Perfect for nights out as it acts as a barrier
to oily/sweaty skin and stops foundation from sliding off.

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle
From Brown Thomas, retails at €30
This is probably my favourite out of all the highlighters I've tried
It gives such a nice finish to the skin
Although it is more on the pricey side it is well worth it!

High Street Vs. High End....


In all cases I found that the dupes or high street version was always just as good as the high end, the only difference was the price!!
I definitely prefer a Highlight Powder or Stick to a cream, purely because I can apply it over my foundation to give more of a dramatic affect.
It also suits my skin type better as it gives more of a Matte finish to the rest of my face.

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Shauna xox

TBT: How to Clean Your Make-Up Brushes

  I'm trying my best to reinvent my blog in a certain way by deciding on what days to post, and giving these days a certain title i.e. Make Up Mondays, What I Ate Wednesdays etc. So for Tuesdays/Thursdays I created TBT: Tips because its Tuesday! For my 1st TBT I'm going to quickly run through how I wash my make up brushes and what I use to wash/cleanse them.
Being a student this is a budget friendly blog post as all the products used are from my local Primark! Yay!!

   So I like to think that I wash my brushes every week, like most people, but we all know that thats a lie. After two weeks I slightly feel guilty for letting my brushes get so grim looking so normally, if I dont procrastinate any more I'll give them a good clean.

    I normally would wash the brushes I use day to day and when I do this I give them a quick rinse with warm water because applying any product.

                                After a good two weeks my brushes start to look like this....

                       For washing my brushes I use L'Oreal Elvive Thickening Shampoo.
       I find that this keeps my brushes fuller, stops fibres/hairs from falling out when applying
                                 make-up and gives a nice soft finish to the brushes.


                             Using a single dollop of Shampoo for larger brushes i.e. face brushes,
              I swirl the brush into the shampoo on my hand and then finish by rinsing off the product
under warm water and if needed I repeat process until I feel the brush is clean.

Using Primark's Brush Cleanser (€2.50!!) I lightly spray the bristles of the brushes
and then allow them to dry. I find this just adds to the cleaning of the brushes, it leaves a fresh smell 
and gives the appearance as if the brushes are brand new!
I find this product to be just as good as MAC's Brush cleanser!

Lay brushes apart from each other on a dry towel to air dry over night.

I always find this product combination works well with the brushes I use. Most of my every day brushes are made from synthetic hairs which hold the product really well but this just means they are a little bit more difficult to clean!
Hope this has helped someone out there with what to use when cleaning your brushes or even how to clean them! Its always a dreaded job for me but it is worth it!

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Shauna xox

Bargin Brushes

  Today is the start of a new week. I know we all dread Mondays but I love the idea of starting fresh each week, getting on top of things and having a great start to the week. A new week means new blog posts and this week I'm starting off with Make-Up Mondays! Each week I'll have a blog post up in relation to make-up reviews, tutorials and all this beautified!

  So recently I took a trip to Penneys and to my surprise they had a whole make-up counter full of their own branded make-up, brushes, brush cleansers etc. I've tried their make-up before and loved most of the products such as their felt eyeliners and liquid lip glosses, which never budged off my face!
The make-up brushes really caught my eye and as soon as I seen the price tag I picked up one of each haha! The brushes were also duo end, so basically it's two for one, good aul' Penneys!

Smokey eye shadow brush €1.50

Double ended stippling brush €2.50

Powder and Blush brush €2.50

I've tried the Powder and so far it works just as well as any high end brush. It's soft to the skin and holds plenty of product! I picked up the brush cleanser in Penneys also to try out on the brushes and see how well that works!

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