Tenerife Sea

I am 100% addicted to travelling. I love exploring new places that I have never been before or going back to much loved cities over & over again. I don't go on hundreds of trips a year but I do try to go away around three times, once around the start of the year then in summer and finally in winter.I'm home a week now from my second trip this year which was to the lovely island of Tenerife!

This would be my favourite of the canary islands and anyone who has been to a few of them would say the same. It has amazing shopping from the likes of high street store Zara to designer stores like Gucci, any shopaholic would die and go to heaven when walking down the main shopping strip.

The food is another selling point in Tenerife. I went on holidays with Niall and for the two of us to have left different restaurants every night and never leave saying 'that could have been nicer' or 'I didn't enjoy that at all' definitely says something about the food. Obviously we had our favourites like a Chinese/Japanese restaurant called Oriental Garden which was so good we went back to on our last night as our 'last supper' haha! Another place which tickled our taste buds was a tapas bar called Friends, we also went here twice because the food was that good along with the amazing sea front view!

They have some amazing hotels and private apartments to stay in over in Tenerife and our apartment was right on the beach and right beside the main strip, it couldn't have been located and better! We stayed in Royal Gardens Tenerife, Playa de las Americas. It was super nice to look at and the pool area was perfect for taking photos around!

Tenerife is also a place where you can either sit by the pool or on the beach all day or you can get up and explore! There was a water park nearby called Siam Park, claiming to be the best water park in Europe and when you go there you can understand why! On the other side of the island was Loro Park (Loro Parque) which is an animal park which I wouldn't normally be a fan of because of the enclosing and capturing of animals in my opinion is horrible but this park actually brought most of its animals back to full health after being mistreated or ill in the wild! It was like walking through a jungle being there and it was probably one of the best days during the holiday.

 Myself and Niall both said this is definitely a place we will be visiting again, it was an amazing trip and I can't wait for many more. Tenerife is a place everyone should see as this island has so much to offer to everyone.

" Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer."

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