The Bikini Edit

Although it is August now, some of you dolls are still awaiting to go on holidays. I've been away in June and decided to do a 'Bikini Edit' before the summer months end. I used to find it hard to get a good bikini that was both flattering and comfortable, nothing worse than every five minutes having to fix your boobs back into place in your bikini top! All the bikinis I got this year are from River Island or Penneys.

I love the selection of swimwear Penneys has to offer. They stock all shape and sizes and have so many designs and styles of bikinis and swimsuits available. Cheap and cheerful, I couldn't help myself and I pick up one too many haha! I wouldn't recommend some of Penneys swimwear tops for the bigger boobed lady because some of them aren't the most supportive, but if you are like me that wont be a problem!

              As I am a red head, black is not my thing when I'm away on holidays! But when I seen this i instantly fell in love with the print and the price tag! The geometrical stripe takes the dullness away from the black along with the lime green lining. It does have a tiny bit of padding like most bikinis do in Penneys but it wouldn't be the most supportive, but for 5 euro you can't complain!!

        I love Fuschia/Hot Pink on me, I think its always a great colour to wear during the summer months as its very eye catching. This bikini can either be worn as a boob tube or a halter neck top and either way is comfortable and flattering! The contrast between the aztec print on the top and pink bottom is also a trend that is very popular this year in swimwear! This set was 10euro in total, bargin!!

         I wanted to add some texture to my bikini collection so when I spotted this top in my local store I had to snatch it up! This top definitely has more support than the previous two and although it looks a bit much, when its on the ruffles don't stick out as much. The yellow bottoms are part of a two piece set, they came with a yellow bandeau top. The top is priced at 7euro and the yellow bottom set is 5euro. Cheap as chips!

             My last bikini from Penneys is this simple baby pink striped set. In the picture it looks like its gingham or checked but its just striped. This is 10euro for the set. This set compliment my skin tone really well as it didn't make me look snow white, like most things do!! Super comfy and wearable.


 My next two bikinis were a treat to myself for absolutely no reason. I love River Island's bikinis but they are so expensive. This year I just went a bought some without thinking about the price tag and it was a great decision if I do say so myself :)

           The first bikini can either be worn as a bandeau or a halter neck. It is a cupped bikini and does give some support, the only thing is the cups are small enough so if buying this bikini be warned, buy big!! My boobs pop out of it every so often if I'm not careful haha! the netted sides and tie-dye print give it a grunge look and for 10euro it is well worth it!

    The last bikini is definitely inspired by the 1940's.The high waisted bottoms give you curves where I didn't think it was possible for curves to exist! Super comfy and stylish, the lilac and white gingham is flattering to every skin tone. It is very supportive and hides all lumps and bumps!

                                      If anyone is away on holiadys, I am so not jealous at all....

Stay Stylish and Safe travels,

Shauna x x x

Softer Than a Baby's Bum!!

Finally after weeks of exams, summer holidays and working, I'm back! I am so excited to start blogging again and to get serious about it this time around. I have so many new products to review and to kick start the blog again I've decided to talk about my skin care routine :)

During exam times, it is obvious that stress can cause break outs and your skin may not be as radiant as normal. I definitely found that my skin became super dry, I was getting a lot of spots and my pores got larger in my T-zone. Once my exams were finally finished (Thank God!!) I did a hop and skip down to Boots and got myself three skin care products that are my holy grail now!

I have Normal to Dry skin. I find that even my make up doesn't last as long as it should because of the dryness of my skin but ever since I changed a few of my lotions and potions around I've noticed that my make up has started last a hell of a lot longer! So if you have dry skin and find that you have the odd break out that last for days then i highly recommend these three amazing products -

                                                             1. L'oreal Micellar Water

 This is a fantastic dupe of Bioderma. I use it to take off my make up and its really gets every last bit of it off! It is far from harsh on the skin, leaving it feeling silky smooth and it comes with a tiny price tag of  4>46 euro on offer in Boots!! Its a decent sized bottle (200ml) to last you a good few weeks! Move over face wipes, and hello Micellar Water!!

                                                      2. La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo +

This little gem was the main gal in getting rid of my break outs. La Roche-Posay really out did themselves with this product as it is not only suitable for sensitive skin, it works for all skin types, it reduces pore size and it is anti-blemish! Perfection in a tube! After 2 weeks of using this day and night my skin never looked better. The results were great and even with a slightly more expensive price tag of 20euro, I will definitely be re-buying this product for a long time!

                                                    3.  Nivea Express Hydration Primer

This is the best moisturiser I have ever tried! This is the reason my make up stays on longer due to the little bit of primer combined in it but it also hydrates my skin all day long. It made my skin softer than a baby's bum, literally! I choose the Dry & Sensitive Skin cream and it has done wonders for my skin. Also a bargain at 3.44 in Boots.

Every skin is different so this trio may not suit everyones skin type but if you have dry skin and need a boost I cannot recommend these products anymore!!

Stay Stylish,

Shauna x x

The Irish Beauty Show 2014

Each year the RDS in Dublin hosts The Irish Beauty Show. This year it was held on the 9th and 10th of March.The show consists of many stands, little and large, full to the brim of beauty supplies and equipment. This was my third year attending and definitely my best year by far! My friend Rosie cam along with me this year and even she was amazed but all that was on offer, but she did mention a few times that next year she is definitely going to save up for it and I don't blame her hehe!

From hair to make up to waxing and all things tanned and shimmering, every year the RDS is filled with many people hunting down the bargains and coming home with broken limbs from dragging bags all day long. It is every girls dream and at a reasonable price. Luckily I manage every year to receive free tickets into the beauty but if you arn't as lucky they do cost a whopping total of twenty euro but its totally work it ladies, you will buy enough tan to last you a year, maybe two!

This year many well know brands such as Fuschia, HD Brow, Salon Suppliers, O.P.I, Dermologica, Cocoa Brown, Crown Brush, Blank Canvas, Beverly Hills Whitening Formula and much more were all apart of this amazing event. I managed to spend all the money i went with and more, sure why not, and I came home a happy camper! It can be a little tight in the RDS but if your an early bird like myself, get up and be there at ten when the doors open to avoid disappointment and ques! Its the best way and the only way in my eyes!

This year was extra special for myself as I heard that Suzanne Jackson from Blog was going to be at the Crown Brush stand, even more reason for me to go haha! I went and waited around all day in the hope of meeting an idol of mine and I heard she wasn't arriving until six in the evening and this was at half twelve so me and Rosie said we'd leave it we cant wait all day since we already waited an hour for her but then just as we approached the exit door and announchment came on to say Suzanne Jackson was now at the Crown Brush stand. When I say I ran towards it, I ran like Usain Bolt to the stand! I think I knocked a few people over on my way but sure what can you do! After standing for twenty minutes in awe I finally got in a picture with Ms. Jackson, shaking and blabbering as I do, thanks nerves, you always show up at the right time!

If you have any other queries about the show head over to there website on the 1st of April when its back up and running and have a look for yourself!!
It is such a worth while thing to go to if you are into beauty of all kinds!!

Myself and Suzanna! Eeek!

Thanks for reading my first post as an adult as I'm officially 18 now, woohoo!!

Stay Stylish,

Shauna x x x

Pink To Make The Boys Wink!

Spring/Summer 14' #trendone

This season is filled with trend after trend and luckily for me, pink is hitting the shelves hard and in every shade imaginable!
Now I know some people are anti-pink buuuuuut, with a wide range of shades you are bound to find something pink that you'll like! If you don't, then obviously something is wrong with you...

Every shop seems to be stocking up on all things pink which is great if you ask me. Whether you want to splurge and go big with designer brands or head down to your local Primark/Penneys you are guaranteed a great buy!

River Island and Missguided are really hitting the spot for me with the oh so fab range of S/S14 style! From crop knits, to the 'Geek Shoes' and all things retro.

River Island;

Each piece out of River Island is so amazing! If you go onto River Island you can have a hunt for your favourite pink item and sure why not treat yourself, you deserve it!
Prices range from 12euro - 160euro, plenty of items to chose from.

And since it is huge on trend now i thought I'd treat myself to a new coat, one which i did not need...

 If you are really not feelin' this pink fashion trend, why not try adding pink to your outfit by applying a pink blush or lipstick to brighten up your look at keep on trend! Its oh so simple!

If anyone has a pictures they like to share of they're pink purchases go ahead, I'd love to see!!

Stay Stylish,

Shauna x x