Bryt Is Right

"If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely"

Skincare is not my forte, and normally when someone isn't into skincare it's because they have impeccable skin. Unfortunately for me that's not the case. My skin is dry and dehydrated with the occasional break out. Since getting into blogging and listening to beauty gurus I've realised how important skincare can be. Back in March at the Build It Up Tour by Nima Brush, owner Niamh Martin spoke highly on how important a serum is in our skincare routine and I never really put much thought into until now.  

Bryt Skincare kindly sent me out one of their serums - The Essential Serum, which is for normal to sensitive skin. It contains essential oils such as Rose Absolute and English Camomile which help nourish and nurture sensitive skin. Bryt skincare are cruelty free and vegan friendly - something which is huge in the beauty industry right now. The serum is rich in skin-balancing active ingredients which help balance and maintain the skin's natural equilibrium.

I've been using the serum along with an eye cream and moisturiser (day/night) and I've noticed how my breakouts have cleared up in a matter of a few days. My skin is also more hydrated compared to what it was. I put this on rather than a primer as it keeps your make up in place all day long, especially for me who works in a lab my make up doesn't budge!


I know if I use the serum for longer it'll have a more dramatic effect to my skin but after using it for just over a week there are definitely noticeable changes. The serum is extremely light weight on the skin and fast drying. It gives a glow to the face, like a dewy effect as if you put a strobe cream on under your foundation. It's so fast drying which is great because you don't want to be waiting around for it to dry to apply your make up.

The serum has the most amazing smell, this was the first thing I noticed. It's so fresh and floral, perfect for the summer months! Make up application is made easier with this serum, my foundation blends in far easier. It's clear to see the dewy effect the serum gives under make up from the picture below, all I have on my skin is my foundation, setting powder and the serum!

Bryt have a huge range of skincare available on their website so make sure to check it out. Super affordable for such great quality products. 
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