Im a Celeb...Get Me Some Perfume!!!

I always, and I mean alwaaaaaaays get perfumes for Christmas so i never have to buy any throughout the year which is great for me and my purse! One day I was having a look at my collection and noticed that all of my perfumes seemed to be Singer/Celeb related perfumes... Obviously it's a sign when I'm older I'm bound to be famous! ( everyone always knew that anyways!)

Over the past few years I have had perfumes such as Dior, D&G, Marc Jacobs etc. but recently all of my perfumes are perfumes brought out by Singers!

I choose my favourites to show you and honestly if you are thinking of buying any one of these perfumes do, each one has such  nice smell and it lasts the whole day!

Katy Perry -Killer Queen
This is not my first Katy Perry perfume but if your into Floral scents this is perfect! Along its name gives off the impressions its going to be a strong smelling, 'sexy' smell (best way of describing it is like the smell of One Million on boys...hmmm..) but its the opposite! It's sweet but yet its not sickly, definitely perfect for any wear. For the set with a body lotion, shower gel and a 30ml perfume it was 33euro in Boots!

Taylor Swift - Wonderstruck
Being honest i only really wanted this perfume because i adore Ms. Swift (yes, I'm a swifty at heart!) and on the plus side its a really nice lightly scented perfume! I find some perfumes can be overwhelming but this one is perfect for the handbag! and can we just take a second to look at how cute the packaging is, i mean c'mon! This retails in at 28euro from Boots!

Taylor's lucky number!!

Beyonce - Heat
I got his perfume last year and how it managed to last me a whole year since i use it nearly everyday i have no idea! But I'm not complaining!! I can't wait to repurchase this perfume its a woody smell and its a very mature scent compared to Taylor Swift's and Katy Perry's perfumes.Im also told by my boyfriend this smells nice so if your single and ready to mingle keep this in your bag at all times! This retails in at 30euro.

Rihanna - Reb'l Fluer
I also received this last Christmas and yet i still managed to have the exact same one a year later! This is perfect for a night out on the town as it will linger on you and around you for hours!! The smell sweet but woody at the same time its like Killer Queen and Heat combined!! Also like the beautiful Rihanna its in a sleek bottle!  23euro from Boots (bargain!!)

Lady Gaga - Black Fluid
Yet again Shauna manages to make a perfume last a i don't smell bad i have no idea! Lady Gaga went all out as normal to make a perfume that actually appeared black on the sin, once you rubbed in it it faded! This is similar to Killer Queen and can be worn day or not!! Its definitely a perfume true to Ms. Gaga!
This retails in at a bargain price of 17 euro in The Perfume Shop, just click 'the perfume shop' and you can see for yourself! This is the price of the set including a 30ml perfume and a body lotion!!

I hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully some of your are as lucky as me to make perfumes last a year long haha!!

Stay Stylish,

Shauna x x

December Glossybox

For those of you who don't know what Glossybox is, it's a monthly subscription box filled with 5 beauty goodies, sometimes 6 if your lucky! Ive been subscribed for two years almost and it can be a hit and miss but most of the time i find a little gem in their somewhere! It can be filled with a mixture of drugstore/high street to well known brands such as Caudalie, Kiels etc.
For first timers it is great to test out new products on the market!

As its Winter i expected a lot of moisturising products, skin treatments etc etc etc to y'know, moisturise our skin, but i was surprised, in a good way,  when i only found one moisture related product!

Firstly, the box!

This month the box was a lovely red box filled with red tissue paper with candy canes, how festive!

But more importantly, what came inside the box is even better! Almost like a package from the North Pole..

1. Maybelline New York - Volum' Express Colossal Smokey Eyes Mascara 
This mascara contains collagen and kohl effect pigments it really gives your eyelashes a lift and gives definition to your eyes. Only bad thing i find with this mascara is that it can dry out easily and sometimes can appear clumpy on the lashes.

2. Beautiful Movements Cosmetics - Nude lips Gloss
Every girl needs a bitta nude in her life and this is the perfect size, perfect buy. This Jojoba rich, non sticky lip gloss is a necessity for this time of year.

3. Bee Nature - Bee Nature Soap
Oh the sweet smells of honey! Soft, soothing and smelly, the good kind, and it even exfoliates your dry winter skin, what more could you want!

4. Yin Yang Skincare - Rich Skin Food
Okay so when i seen food i didn't expect to get something i couldn't eat so as you can expect i was slightly disappointed.This moisturiser nourishes and repairs fine, sensitive skin.

5. Rituals - Miracle Balm
This is an odd hand cream in my opinion since its a balm not a cream so its a lot thicker than a cream and leaves a slight sticky texture on your hands, but it has a gorgeous floral smell and locks in moisture all day long!

Have a look at Glossybox to find out more about these products and more about the box itself!

Hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas and New Year, here's to 2014 and all the glamour it will bring!

Stay Stylish

Shauna x x