Belle Hair Extensions

Hey guys, so it's official, the hun is twenty one. I turned twenty one last week, the 16th of March to be exact, and I definitely don't feel any different hah! I'm slightly richer but I don't feel the wrinkles or grey hairs growing just yet thankfully.

I'm having a small party to celebrate my birthday and when I was deciding on who I wanted to do my hair there was no competition, Dominique Nugent of course!  I wanted something different then what most people go for and her hairstyles do be incredible but unfortunately I've about ten hairs on my head so I knew my hair wouldn't suit one of her styles. I knew Dominique used clip in extensions before so I went to try get the same ones she had but of course they didn't do my colour nor would they get it in...first world problems. So I didn't know what else to do bar bite the bullet and get the proper things, the ones that are with you for life (kinda).

I had two options in my head where I wanted to go, Zero One in Dublin or Belle Hair in Galway. As most of you know I'm a student in Galway but I'm currently on work placement until September but I knew I was going down to Galway for St. Patricks day so I had time to play around with if I did decide to go to Belle Hair to get them done.

So basically Zero One stock Gold Fever hair extensions, which are real Indian hair and have small bonds on them for application, not glue which some extensions are applied with. Belle Hair is Russian hair also applied with small bonds. Both extensions last around 4 months but the one thing about Belle hair is that you can take your extensions out and re-apply them to get another few months out of them! This was a huge selling point for me because you get twice the amount of time out of them!

Laura matched me up with extensions and applied them. I wasn't sure whether I wanted/needed a half head or a volume booster. A half head consists of three packs of hair and a volume booster consists of two. The half head will also add length but the volume booster wouldn't really. So we went for the half head, it took about an hour and a half to apply them, which is insanely quick, and as we got onto the last pack of hair Laura suggested maybe a fourth pack of hair to add more length, which would mean I have a three quarter head. But as they were all applied she knew the three were enough.

So I have a half head of extensions and these costed €300. Laura told me that I should get around 3 months until I feel the need to take them out and re-apply them and with the right care I could get up to 11 months (like her) out of the hair!

Before I had my extensions applied...

My half head of extensions and Belle Curls.

Noone even notices I have extensions in thats how well they match up to my own hair and my Belle curls, which Nancy and Laura do when you get your extensions in, lasted nearly 4 days...
I've washed my hair twice since getting them in and it takes five minutes longer to blow dry them straight, mainly to try dry the roots/bonds of my hair fully, so they are no extra work!

Some of the tips Laura gave me to maintain my extensions and keep them in good condition were to hold the hair at the root when brushing, so you're not pulling at the bonds. Use oil in your hair, which I do 1-2 times a day now and I've noticed such a difference in my own hair. Wear your hair low at night in a plait or just tied up and try not to wear it high on you're head anyways as it puts pressure on the extensions. You can wash them as little or often as you like, cut, colour etc. to the extensions. Most importantly to run your fingers through all the bonds to prevent them from becoming matte.

In my first week with extensions I can honestly say I don't find them uncomfortable at all, they are easy to maintain, I do find my hair heavier which is a good thing because it means I actually hair hair haha! I couldn't imagine my life without them now, doing my hair now is way more fun and I can do so much more with it. So a huge thank you to Laura for them, one of the best things I've ever decided to do!

The girls down at Belle hair, Nancy, Laura and Shauna are the nicest bunch and I felt so at ease getting my extensions in. They are so friendly and it made the time fly by. Shout out to Shauna who got me the nicest mocha ever, the best way to a girls heart!

Head over to Belle Hair on facebook, instagram or the website here and give the girls a message if you are interested. You can get your extensions done, belle curls, pin curls and your make done all at Belle Hair. Shauna is a fantastic make up artist so you can also get your make done after your hair!

Thank so much to the girls at Belle hair, especially Laura!

Stay Stylish,

Shauna xox

Jungle Fever

So last weekend, myself and my beaut of a gal pal Emma went to Dublin for the 'Build it Up' Masterclass hosted by Nima Brush along with the stunning Terrie McEvoy. This day was like a pinch me moment because I'm Terrie's biggest fan, she oozes every ounce of perfection inside and out.
We stayed in The Temple Bar Inn, which by the way is so fab and central that I'll never stay anywhere else in Dublin again! We had an amazing day at the masterclass and a great stay in the hotel but of course we couldn't end the trip without a little photo shoot...

I felt very 'risque' in this top but it wouldn't be me if I was to try blend in with the crowd haha! This top was only €20 from New look a few weeks ago and it can be dressed up or down, I can't wait to wear it again. And of course the fish net socks are a must, fish nets are huge this year and in a previous blog post of mine about seven trends that will be popular I did mention fish nets would be making an appearance...psychic...

These Zara leather jackets were the best things I ever bought. I wear them with everything and anything, obviously they arn't the warmest but who needs heat when your outfits on fleek?

Jeans: Penneys (new) €11
Crop top: Berskha (old) €10
Mesh top: New Look (new) €20
Jacket: Zara (old) €50
Shoes: Office (old-instock) €90

Looking back on these photos makes me want to re-wear this outfit again, and again.. It also makes me realise how bad I look when I laugh, so no more fake laughing to try get a nice picture!

 Flick that hair #Shazalicious...

Thanks for reading,

Stay Stylish,

Shauna xox