18 Things of 2018

"Live your best life."

I know I havn't done a blog post since last October and I'm fully blaming the stress and work load that comes with final year! Fourth year is no laughing matter, unless you're like me and take the piss out of failing miserably.

 So about two weeks ago I decided that on the 1st of March (today) I would have a blog post ready to go and get back out into the world of blogging, and here I am.

I choose to do all this today because March is my birthday month (pass the cake!) and I also really needed to stop putting blogging on the long finger and stop making up excuses as to why I wasn't/couldn't blog.

This blog post is dedicated to all the things I hope to have achieved by the end of 2018, some are bigger and scarier than others so hopefully by writing them down it's like signing a contract into doing them...

1. See my friends more

Top of my list and for a very good reason. I have the best friends in the world but it so hard finding time to see them since we all work full time or go to college full time and work weekends. So this year, from my oldest friends to my blogga gals I want to make as much effort as I can to meet up with them and show them how grateful I am to have them as my friends.

2. Shake yo booty

Basically I got lazy, like really lazy and the gym mojo I used to have pumping through me is non existent at the moment. Now I know I will never have the body of Sian Walton or any of the girlos but like its getting to a stage were I'm out of breath after buttering toast...
So this year, my goal is to start off doing three days a week in the gym doing some cardio and weights and hopefully find the passion I once had for the gym, which I still have, its just buried deep, deep down...

3. Pass my Driving Test

I can officially tick this off the list as of last week! I still can't believe I passed my test first time, especially after whacking my head of the window mid test..

4. Paint me like one of your french girls

I want a new tattoo, I need a new tattoo, therefore I will get a new tattoo...

5. See a new country

I have trips planned but so far they are all to places/countries I've been to before and I love getting to tick a new country (at least one) off my list each year. 

6. Stop caring so much

This is something that should be on a lot of peoples list's. Many of us worry about what others think of us or what is said about us and this whole idea of 'fitting in' is what we all crave. So this year I've decided to try my hardest to stop caring and just be my weird, loud, stupid self  because that is way more fun than 'fitting in'.

7. Yoohoo big summer blow out

This summer I jet off with some of my college friends to the fabulous San Fran and I'm sooooo bloody excited!! I've been to the US a good few times but never the west coast so I can't wait. Definitely taking a day trip to Calabasas to see the fambam (if you know, you know).

8. Get back into music

I used to play guitar & piano, and although I was no Mozart I wasn't awful either and it's something I regret giving up because of school and work. So this year all my family got a set of ear plugs for Christmas, I should probably warn the neighbours too..

9. Do they have showers at a festival?

Finally, after twenty two years on this planet, I'm going to a camping festival. No, it may not be Coachella but this is basically a warm up for Coachella 2019... Electric Picnic watch out, Shaz is coming!

10. Apply for a Make up course

In 2017 I done a five week make up course to enhance the skills I had in make up application but now shit is getting real and I really hope to do a full course in order to be considered a 'MUA' and this would be huge for me. Make up is one of the things that I'm passionate about and anything make up related literally sets my soul on fire!

11.Live your best life 

My favourite quote of 2017 so I'm taking it into 2018 with me.

12. Jump out of a plane...safely

Petrified of heights is an understatement so this is probably a stupid thing to want to do, but I do so I have to do it... pray for me.

13. Give back

I'm very lucky that I have the life I do and like others, sometimes we forget how lucky we really are. This year I hope to give back in some way, either by doing a charity run, some form of donation, volunteering, anything that will help someone who is need of the help. This is something that is on my 2018 to do list and every other year to come.

14. Attend more events

Last year I was lucky enough to get to great events hosted by Easilocks, Penneys, River Island just to name a few and this year I want to make as much effort as I can to go to many more. They are one of the best things about blogging because it's at events you get to meet so many amazing people and be surrounded by like minded people who know how to take a great insta pic..

15. Get my Degree 

Thank goodness I've only a few weeks of college left! I can't wait to be able to say I've graduated and officially be a scientist, rocking a white coat since 2014.

16. Reach 100 blog posts!

There is thirty odd weeks left of the year, probably less but I'm too lazy to check, so that's one post a week... let the planning commence!

17. Get another piercing

I have such an itch to get another piercing, where I have no clue, but all these funky new piercings are giving me so much inspiration to get one!

18. Live in the moment

Something I've learned to do the last few months was to just take the risk and deal with the consequences, good or bad. I'd rather know I spent my life saying 'Oops' rather than 'What If' because tomorrow is not guaranteed and I'd like to think that I lived each day of my life equally as crazy. Take the risk.

I love setting myself a goal (goals in this case) and it's the best feeling knowing you've achieved that goal, no one can take that away from you. Hopefully this is the start of the blogging craze again, well it has to be since I've 37 blog posts to write this year (quote number sixteen)...

Thanks for reading,

Best wishes for 2018,

Shauna xox

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