Review: Visage Facial Cleanser

Recently while browsing through the Aldi brochure one Saturday morning I saw that there was a cleanser coming into stores that week and I made my boyfriend go early the morning it came into our local Aldi to pick me one up, he even got himself one!
It reminded me a lot of a Clarisonic with a cheaper price tag, although unlike the Clarisonic the cleanser only vibrates instead of the bristle heads rotating and vibrating.

The cleanser came with five interchangeable heads, batteries and a holder for in between uses. I have been using the soft and medium bristle head as my skin would be quite sensitive.

 Other heads such as a hard bristle head, a hydrating sponge head and a massaging head also came with the cleanser. I have tried the hydrating one as my skin is also dry and I did find it did help with dry patches on my nose and forehead.

So on the left and right there is a picture of the cleanser with the medium head on it and the cleansing wash I used during the week was the Botanics Cleansing Foam wash from Boots and it had such a sweet smell,  it didnt irritate my skin in any way and it was a bargain at €2.30 in boots during one of there half price sales, win win!

This is a before shot I took last Tuesday before I started using the cleanser and wash.
          This is a picture taken today, a week of using the cleanser and wash.
My skin is definitely brighter, softer and firmer!
I'm sure the results would be more noticeable after a longer period of use, but I definitely noticed an improvement in my skin after the week! 
It is so quick and easy to do, just once a day and you'll notice your skin feels and looks brighter!
The cleanser (€16) and the wash both came to around €19 which is a bargain compared to the €100's you would spend on a Clarisonic! I'm sure they are great but if you just follow simple steps like moisturizing and cleansing your face daily, spending loads on a certain product wont be necessary.

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