Cycle 1: The SSS Plan

"I'm working on myself, for myself, by myself."

I'm definitely one of those people who goes to the gym the whole time but wastes all that hard work by eating my weight in crap, literally. So about seven or eight weeks ago I decided I wanted to change that and get myself into a routine with what I eat, how often I eat etc. and this is where The Body Coach comes in. So I've heard, and probably most of the internet, about Joe Wicks and his amazing guides but I've never found the need to try them. I'm a huge fan of Dominique Nugent and about a year ago I remember her doing The SSS (Shape, Shit and Sustain) Plan designed by Joe Wicks. She was unhappy in herself and her bad eating habits (like myself) and found that this plan worked wonders for her and she looks unreal afterwards. I think by seeing how great see looked and how motivated she became it gave me the push to try it as well. 

So back at the end of April I decided enough was enough and signed up for The SSS Plan, and started it two weeks later. It took about a week for the team to design my nutrition and exercise plan, and I had a holiday the first week in May so I waited until I was back from that to get started. The key to this cycle is prep. Every Sunday I would make about 6 meals and freeze them to bring to work with me for my lunch and I'd make my dinner each night which would mainly be green vegetables, chicken and sweet potato fries (if I was just back from the gym). Cycle one was three main meals and two snacks per day, and on days where you exercised you could have a carb fueled meal an hour after you exercised. I was so bad at eating the snacks and found that out of each week I still had one or two bad days where I couldn't stick to it. Even though I trained five days a week, most of my meals had no visible carbs like bread, pasta, rice etc. which can be a struggle.

Over the four weeks I did have ups and downs, it definitely is no where as easy and I thought and I was disappointed in myself for breaking back into bad habits. I think the whole process of doing one of these plans is to have the right mindset going into them, which I thought I did but clearly I didn't. And this is why, after getting through Cycle One and half way through Cycle Two I've decided to pause myself her, and start over again once I'm back from my holiday to Greece in August. This isn't me giving up because one you do this plan you can do it over and over again which is great. I want to give it 110% next time and get the best results I can out of it and not get into bad habits like I did.

So for the next four weeks before I jet off I'm going to just try and get into good eating habits which I hope will get me on the right track to start the plan again. It's me that wasn't working, not the plan so don't let this put you off doing it I just wanted people to know that you have to be prepared to work hard for this to work out for you. 

Although the plan didn't go amazing for me I still managed to tone up and lose nearly 3kg. I lost 5 inches overall and I did notice small differences when I put my before and after pictures together.

I have new goals now for the next four weeks which I think I can reach (I hope) and hopefully by reaching these goals it'll give me the motivation and determination to get back on track and into a healthy lifestyle.

Thanks for reading,

Stay Stylish,

Shauna xox

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