The Body Coach: A Lifestyle Plan

"I'm working on myself, for myself, by myself."

So as I'm writing this blog post I'm almost finished Cycle one of The Body Coach's 90 Day SSS Plan. This is the Shift, Shape and Sustain plan and lasts twelve weeks, so three cycles. I started this plan because I felt that out of no where I gained two stone, like I woke up one morning and BAM there were two of me...

Since September I was a size 6 and at my lowest I was 8st 1lb, and at the time I was so frustrated because I genuinely couldn't put on any weight and I ate enough for a small village. I think your mind set has a lot to do with weight gain, like when I'm stressed and not happy in myself I tend to lose weight fast and a lot of it.

So here I am, extremely un-happy in my size more so than my weight because I'm struggling to fit into my size 8 skinny jeans unlike a few weeks ago when a size six was even big on me! I don't think I've ever been so open to talking about my weight gain because people who know me know I don't let things get to me in a negative way but one day I just decided enough was enough. I tried for three weeks to cut back on food and up on exercise and noticed no difference so it was time to take serious action.

Dominique Nugent was a huge influence into why I started this plan, she was heavier than me when she started it and lost over two stone. For me I'm aiming (and praying) to lose 18lbs and be the perfect size 8, which is just over a stone to get me to me goal weight and I know at this weight how my body should look. Know the first thing you will learn with this plan is that the scales is called the 'sad step' and we shouldn't go by them, but for me it's the reason I've kept it up. I've lost 1.5lbs each week the last three weeks and I'm hoping it keeps up because by the end of the 12 weeks I'll have lost the 18lbs.

So far I don't notice a change in how I look, but my choice of food and training has improved and it's still only the first few weeks so I know I can't give up just yet! I set a goal of 6lb weight lost with each cycle and I'm chuffed to say I'm almost at my goal and the first cycle is nearly up! Being honest, I'm still finding the food part hard because I have the biggest sweet tooth, so the odd time I do break code and cheat but I promised myself that with Cycle two and three that I won't give in and push myself so hard.

The food is so so nice with the program I think it's more of a mental thing telling yourself and your body that you can't have something. You always want what you can't have. I find that sometimes rather than having a meal from the long list of recipes I'll just have something I know is similar enough to what I would be allowed to have like a pizza wrap with healthier options like a wholemeal wrap, feta cheese, loads of veg and protein rather than a thick base pizza with full fat cheese and dips.

This is not just a quick fix plan this is a plan which will change how you train and eat forever ( I hope! ) with the odd cheat here and there. This plan won't work unless you do, just like everything else in life, but thankfully I'm loving it so far but I'm dying to finish it to see if I reach my goal weight and shape! My Cycle one blog post will be up in the next week or two once I'm finished and in that I'll go into more detail about meals, training etc.

Thanks for reading,

This could be the start of a new fitness/foodie series who knows but as always...

Stay Stylish,

Shauna xox

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