Boston Baby

"Of all the books in the world, the best stories are between the pages of a passport."

So after my third trip of the year I can officially say I'm not the biggest fan or airports anymore...
but that won't stop me from travelling the world one country at a time!

I'm only back from Boston a day now and straight back over to Galway for my final year in college so to say I'm tired would be a slight understatement. Boston was the fourth place I was lucky enough to visit in the States and like every other state it was completely different to anywhere that I've been before in the US.

We only went for a short trip of four days but it was nice to get a chance to go and see it and to take a break before the madness of college begins. The trip started off amazing considering we got to go business class (the luxury I will expect from every flight from now on) and then to make matters better Picture This were two rows in front of me.

The food and drink was something else and I never wanted to get off the plane, which is a rare case for me because I hate sitting still for too long! So around six hours later we landed and got our bags and went straight to our hotel, The Sheraton, which was attached to the Prudential shopping mall beside Bolyston street and Newbry street.

Our room was huge with a city view and an extremely comfortable bed which helped with the jet lag. We had arrived around 2pm so we made the most of the day and went into Downtown Crossing because I was dying to see the new Penneys they opened up in Boston and we got there by taking the underground which was so easy and quick to use. In downtown crossing we went for a walk around to find a place for a coffee and we went into The Thinking Cup which was so nice and they had amazing cakes and pastries on offer but unfortunately I was still stuffed from all the food on the flight!

Then we found Penneys, bought a few bits as you do and went back to the Prudential center to have a nosey at the shops in there before heading back to the room to get washed and changed for going out.
Near us there was mainly sports bars and the odd restaurant but because we only wanted something small to eat we went into a place called Whiskeys and got something light to pick at and had a few drinks. It was a great pick and the atmosphere was also great but one thing to remember is that no matter how old you are or look, bring an ID everywhere because you will get asked hah!

So the next day we went on a hop on hop off bus tour of the city and we done this with Old Town Trolley Tours which brought you all around the city and you even got a boat cruise with that. It picked us up right outside our hotel and we got off at Fenway park, Harvard/MIT, the harbor at Quincy market, Cheers and Downtown Crossing (I had to exchange something at Penneys...). There was 15 stops but we only wanted to get off for five, and we picked a great day to do it because the sun never stopped shining! This made the river cruise ten times more enjoyable! To do the tour it was forty dollars with the boat cruise but some places charged when you got there. For example it was twenty dollars to do an hour long tour of Fenway park but this was the only way to see it.

We ate in Cheers and it was probably the nicest meal out of the whole trip, we were starved going into to it and thankfully they had just what I wanted...Hot Dogs!

 We went out to watch the football match that evening because the Patriots were playing and every bar was packed and the city was buzzing with excitement. I'm nearly 100% sure they won, I don't exactly know much about NFL but it looked like they won!

The next day we got a bus to Wrentham Village Outlets about forty minutes outside of Boston. This bus was forty-five euro return and it's well worth it, especially if you plan on shopping a lot! You get a discount booklet when you go with this bus company and this is extra discounts on top of what you pay in the outlets and we also noticed that there is no additional tax which is a bonus. The amount of clothes, make up and toys (especially if you have three god children like me) we bought for little or nothing was insane and we spent six hours at the outlets before getting the bus back at 5pm.

Both the bus to the outlets and the tour bus we purchased in the hotel so it was super handy, the hotel was great in the sense that we had help on every aspect whether that was directions, booking outings or restaurant recommendations.

We went to the Pour House for food and drinks that evening. Like Whiskeys, this was across from the prudential center on Bolyston street and it was a bar but the food was amazing. This was one of the places I heard loads of recommendations on and now I know why. The food was amazing, the drinks were even better and it was so reasonable for what you got!

The next day we have an afternoon flight home so that morning we got up and had our last Dunkin' Donuts and went into Newbry to pick up an extra bag because we bought way to much in the space of three days haha! After we came back and finished packing before checking out and heading into downtown for lunch. We went to Five Guys which is a must do in the states, and it was fab as expected. Then we went for a walk around the park at Downtown Crossing because it was another sunny day. 

We were blessed with the weather especially once we got onto the Logan Airport shuttle bus and the heavens opened. This is probably the handiest and cheapest way of getting to the airport. We avoided taxis/ubers at all costs because they are so over priced.

I would highly recommend going to Boston, especially in the fall because all the shops were getting Halloween bits in which to me was great since I'm a child at heart! If I ever go back I'd definitely do Cape Cod and Salem but unfortunately we didn't have enough time. I've sadly only one (or two) travel posts left for 2017 but I've already began to plan my trips for 2018. Being a student, trying to save and travel isn't the best combination but if you want something bad enough you'll work as hard as you have to to get it.

Thanks for reading,

Stay Stylish,

Shauna xox

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