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This weekend i just can't find the time to do my normal blog post so I thought id just upload a simple OOTD  (outfit of the weekend technically!) and give you an idea of the newest trends on the high street!

So after an eventful day Saturday chilling with my mates Kodaline, yeah that's right I'm friends with the cool kids, me and my family went out for a meal that evening. It was such a nice restaurant, the atmosphere was great and the food was delice! Since it wasn't exactly the most formal occasion I wasn't planning on ripping out a full length diamante gown out of my closet I decided to stick with comfy but stylish clothes!

Most of my clothes come from my favourite boutique well know as Penneys! People have no excuse not to be dressed well like come on, even their socks are amazing!
My black blazer and black cami are both from Primark/Penneys along with my pearl necklace, which has literally just hit the shelves.
My trousers/leggings are from Topshop and are the most comfiest things ever, my pyjamas aren't even as comfy as these bad boys!
And finally, Cinderella's slippers are from Zara but i hadn't patience to wait to get them in Penneys like the smart shoppers did! hehe.

Sunday is normally my stay in your pyjamas in the hope that you don't have to leave the house kind of day which was unfortunately the opposite for me this week. As i wasn't really going anywhere i just kept everything sweet and simple.

Everyone needs a stable pair of black jeans in their wardrobe and my favourite pair are River Islands Molly mid rise jeggins! They are God's gift to women, seriously! They suck you in in all the right places and can be worn with anything.
My Shirt is also from River Island. I got my boots from eBay, after seeing a similar pair in River Island I just knew i needed these in my life, and wardrobe! My frilly socks are Penneys best and Necklace is from Topshop (sale of course!).

Hopefully everyone had a nice a quiet weekend like me and if you didn't and you went out on a mad one, don't tell me, I'll only get jealous!
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Until next week, stay stylish

Shauna x x
Puppy Love!

Kodaline! Eeek!

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