I'm sorry but, who are you?

What do you say in your first blog post?


Hi my name is *blah blah blah*..

I set up this blog not to tell people my life story or who I am or my signifigance but to share my love for the world of fashion and beauty. Yes, I know there are a hundred and one beauty bloggers probably a gazillion times better than me, older than me, waaaaaaay more experienced than me but i'm taking the plunge hoping this little gem of mine works out for the better.

I could sit up till all hours of the cold winter mornings reading some of my favourite blogs and i'm not aiming for a thousand subscribers i'm just hoping that Pearls & Poison can give at least one person an extra beauty tip or whatever that maybe makes someone feel that bit better or more confident in themselves.

So with little introduction into my life, my name is Shauna and i'm seventeen years old, currently still in Secondary/High School. Some might think that being in my final year and with all my major exams this year that its crazy putting time into a blog but I think the absolute opposite. Everyone needs that something that after a long hard day they have a bit of peace in their life they can look forward too an this is the peace that my blog will hopefully bring me.

I'm all for sparkles and pink but I can rock the chic biker look just as quick as I can be preppy and pretty! I'm not one for following 'the crowd' for fashion or beauty I like to be one step ahead and if the shoes fit, wear them! Being different isn't a bad thing, people will look at you whether its for a good or bad reason but at the end of the day their the ones looking at you as you caught their attention and not the other way around.

 I may not be as frequent as most bloggers and I may start off at a turtles pace but hopefully I catch someones attention in a good way!

Remember, an outfit is never complete without a smile! (and a good pair of shoes! hehe)



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