Sweater Weather

Oh the weather outside is frightful..

My favourite time of year is Winter! The woolly jumpers, icy mornings, dark nights and sitting by the hot crisp fire with a cup of hot cocoa after a long day. I'm not one for the sun and hot weather thanks to my colouring (in other words, because I'm ginger!!) so i love when the end of October comes and wearing your favourite thick cosy coat is now completely acceptable in society hehe!

Too soon for decorations or not?? Hmmm...

For me,  Bare Essentials are different for everyone but there are somethings that are a must!
     The necessities ;

  • A winter coat that can be worn everyday and night, that will complete every outfit and keep you warm all at once.
  • A good moisturiser and chap stick - these winter months can do great damaged to our beautiful skin and ladies, we cant let it happen anymore! So get yourself a good moisturiser (which you don't have to break the bank buying) and chap stick such a Vaseline or my favourite, Cherry Carmex!
  • Fluffy Feet! - Penneys/Primark are the best for stocking up in fluffy slipper socks which can be worn all year around but are especially cosy during the cold months! They have so many designs your bound to find a pair you'll love.
  • Hot Chocolate -if there is one thing I can not live without when the weather is bitter cold out, it's hot chocolate! I'm a choc-a-holic and proud and I love sipping on a extra hot cup of cocoa after school with a million and one marshmallows! It's all about putting on the extra pound these next two months to keep us warm hehe!
  • Deep and Dark make-up - Keep the deep purple and reds on your lips, nails and cheeks! The 'Vampy' look is all in this season and spruces up any ones look! Why not try Sleeks Cherry lipstick, affordable and long last!

Love Heart Lights - Primark
 I'm normally not one for being into wearing black on black but recently that doesn't seem to be the case! My OOTD's have been so different from Kimonos to Bat wing Cardi's and black skinnies with everything!
But one of my favourite looks so far was Jessica Alba's midi skirt and crop jumper...


Although I'd love to pull off an outfit like this I wouldn't try, I'd only ruin it... But here is my favourite OOTD so far!

Kimono&Top - Missguided/ Jeans- Rive Island/ Boots-Boohoo/ Hat-eBay
The one thing I couldn't live without this winter would definitely be my Short Bailey Button Uggs! I got them in New York and haven't taken them off my feet ever since I got them hehe!They are super soft on the inside and go with every outfit! Well worth the money, so spare yourself the embarrassment of the worn down Primark Uggs and invest in these!

                                         Happy Holidays, keep warm and forever stay stylish!

Love Shauna x x

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