Seven Trends of 2017

We've just left a year full of many trends, from embroidery to metallics, stripes and monochrome, thankfully some of these trends will be coming with us in 2017!
I've searched high and low and gathered a pile full of magazines and composed a list of what trends are said to be big this season and I hope for my sake they are right because I've already started buying for summer... keen, I know.


 One of the biggest trends of A/W 2016 was embroidery and it's not going anywhere anytime soon! Stores such as Primark and Zara are full of embroidered goodness. All of the above are from Missguided and some of their pieces are even in the sale! Hurry!!


As much as I would kill for a pair of Gucci mules there is no hope of me spending that kinda money on shoes...yet. But shops like Primark and Asos had cheaper alternatives like these ones just above are from Asos and they're only €30! They'll be a big hit when the warmer weather comes out, especially for those who arn't so keen on showing their toes!

Sports Luxe

Sports Luxe is a hit and miss with me, it comes and goes nearly every year and sometimes I like it sometimes I don't. I think as the fashion industry evolves I'm gradually starting to like it more and more like its not all caps and polo necks any more. When I was researching sports wear I found it hard to choose what I liked the most to put in this blog post, because everything was so 'on point'. 

The Bra 


Bralet's and Bra's have become so popular recently, and the best thing is you don't have to spend a fortune on a key piece because and I know I always seem to mention this shop but it literally can do no wrong but Primark have some of the most amazing bralets in at the moment starting at €7...
If you're not brave enough to bare all I love this idea of wear a delicate bralet over a t-shirt, so effortless.

'80s Glam

From fishnets to slogan tees, the 80's are back and better than ever. This whole trend of fish nets under ripped jeans started back in 2016 and I'm so glad its still in fashion because I bought so many types of tights in the last while haha! But for people who may not like the whole distressed denim and tights look even a pair of sneakers and ankle socks (which you can get in Primark at the moment for €2, just saying) is still really trendy. Forever 21 have a huge selection of band t-shirts and slogan tees that are so cheap I'd nearly buy them all!! This Guns and Roses t-shirt is from Missguided but the exact same one is also in Penneys! 


Stripes are a trend that appears every year on the catwalk and I think it's the one trend you can really splurge in because you're guaranteed it'll never go out of fashion, like ever. Some people aren't too keen on stripes so a top like the one above (from Zara) is perfect as you wouldn't even notice the stripes sleeves but it definitely makes the top so much more dressy.

Bell Sleeves

 My last trend of S/S '17 has to be bell sleeves, yay! I went into Zara last week and picked up three, yes three, tops and it wasn't until I came home I realised they all had bell sleeves! Bell sleeves can be worn on a night out or for a casual day out shopping, they are so pretty looking! The first jumper is only €17.95 from Zara and it is super soft, perfect for the transitioning season. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and it gave you some ideas of what to expect to be in the shops in the coming weeks!

Thanks for reading,

Stay Stylish,

Shauna xox

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