Where's The Sun?

 Crying out for some sun and heat but no, it's still bloody baltic out! My January blues are no joke and the travel bug inside me is constantly looking up flights to anywhere just to get some heat back into my bones! So, instead of sitting in and moaning about being cold I took advantage of the weather to wrap up and take some outfit pictures for the transitioning period. It's still cold enough for hats and wooly jumpers but maybe its time to brighten up the wardrobe and go from the dark tones of brown and burgundies to the pastels.

 I adore this jumper from Zara, it was only €17.95 and of course I bought it in this beautiful and pink and also in the grey, just incase haha! It's bell sleeves fit in perfectly this season and its super cosy!

Coach Bag is from Kildare Village and it was one of my many amazing presents from Santa Claus!

 Rings are both Pandora, Watch is Daniel Wellingotn, Necklace is My Shining Armour and Hat, Jeans and Shoes are Penneys! Everything is still in stores and online!

I know this was only a short blog post but I only started a new job and trying to get settled and into a routine and get back into the gym took it out of me but this is the last of my excuses haha! 
Hoping for more outfit and travel posts this year, fingers crossed!

Thanks for reading,

Stay Stylish,

Shauna xox

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