Tanning Thursday

            Even though this post is going live on a Friday, I did tan myself on Thursday! I can't live without fake tan, I feel and look like Casper the ghost without it haha. Some of my favorite tans are Tan Organic and Cocoa Brown but I definitely didn't start off using these beauties.

   One of the first tans I ever tried was St. Moriz, purely because I was 14/15 and it was cheap, no questions asked. Now, I used this tan religiously and I loved it but as I got older and more "tan conscious" I wanted to try different brands. I used the mousse from St. Moriz and recently while in Penneys a new St. Moriz was released and this was in a lotion form. The fact that it contained olive milk drew me in because I knew it would be a hydrating tan which is what I need since I've such dry skin.The tan was easily applied using a tanning mitt and washed off nicely the next morning after application. And to make matters better, it was only €5.00....so basically free haha!

             Before...                                         During...                                      After....

I got dark shade of tan as always and after rinsing off the top layer I applied a coat of Cocoa Brown Golden Goddess to give it a bit of shazam!

            Finishing result after applying both of these products! I will definitely be repurchasing both, which are available in  Penneys nationwide! Hope you enjoyed this post!

                                                            Stay Stylish,
                                                        Shauna xox



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