Only the Beginning...

So to start this year off with a bang, myself and the fab Liz have worked so hard to finally re-design Pearls & Poison and make this little gem into something amazing!
A new layout and template has been custom made to suit the style and content behind the blog. I'm very excited about the changes and working with the very talented Liz who will be very much involved in the PR aspect of P&P.
After many weeks of planning, we came up with the idea of a blog which will relate more so to students especially as we both know the struggles of being one! The blog won't just focus on student aspects but a large part of it will be directed at students everywhere! We also hope to expand the lifestyle aspects of this blog and make a lot more posts to do with fitness and food/diet such as 'easy at home workouts' or 'how to do your weekly food shop for under €15 etc.
The best time to start this journey is now at the very start of 2016 and we can't begin to explain the excitement! This is only the beginning for Pearls & Poison...


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