TBT: How to Clean Your Make-Up Brushes

  I'm trying my best to reinvent my blog in a certain way by deciding on what days to post, and giving these days a certain title i.e. Make Up Mondays, What I Ate Wednesdays etc. So for Tuesdays/Thursdays I created TBT: Tips because its Tuesday! For my 1st TBT I'm going to quickly run through how I wash my make up brushes and what I use to wash/cleanse them.
Being a student this is a budget friendly blog post as all the products used are from my local Primark! Yay!!

   So I like to think that I wash my brushes every week, like most people, but we all know that thats a lie. After two weeks I slightly feel guilty for letting my brushes get so grim looking so normally, if I dont procrastinate any more I'll give them a good clean.

    I normally would wash the brushes I use day to day and when I do this I give them a quick rinse with warm water because applying any product.

                                After a good two weeks my brushes start to look like this....

                       For washing my brushes I use L'Oreal Elvive Thickening Shampoo.
       I find that this keeps my brushes fuller, stops fibres/hairs from falling out when applying
                                 make-up and gives a nice soft finish to the brushes.


                             Using a single dollop of Shampoo for larger brushes i.e. face brushes,
              I swirl the brush into the shampoo on my hand and then finish by rinsing off the product
under warm water and if needed I repeat process until I feel the brush is clean.

Using Primark's Brush Cleanser (€2.50!!) I lightly spray the bristles of the brushes
and then allow them to dry. I find this just adds to the cleaning of the brushes, it leaves a fresh smell 
and gives the appearance as if the brushes are brand new!
I find this product to be just as good as MAC's Brush cleanser!

Lay brushes apart from each other on a dry towel to air dry over night.

I always find this product combination works well with the brushes I use. Most of my every day brushes are made from synthetic hairs which hold the product really well but this just means they are a little bit more difficult to clean!
Hope this has helped someone out there with what to use when cleaning your brushes or even how to clean them! Its always a dreaded job for me but it is worth it!

Thanks for reading,

Stay Stylish,

Shauna xox

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