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                                                      Happy Saturday Everyone!!

 Highlighting and Contouring are big amongst the beauty world. With the whole idea of strobing now coming into play, highlighting your face has never been so crucial.
I love a good highlighter, I don't think the whole dewy skin look works well for me since I find I have quite oily skin on certain parts of my face.
          I would normally go for a matte foundation or a foundation for combination skin which would be quite drying on the face, what I need, but I find it really takes that natural glow away. I have tried out so many highlighters, very few that I have not agreed with or liked.

          All highlighters I had tried are a range of high end to high street, liquid to powder. I would normally prefer a powder highlighter but I have never had a bad experience with liquid highlighters.

Everyday Glows....

Garnier Moist Match Moisturiser
From Boots, retails at €8.29
'Protect & Glow'
Gives the perfect natural glow, sets a base for foundation 
and protects the skin. Also contains SPF 20.
I would highly recommend this as it is a 2 in 1, moisturiser and highlighter!

Seventeen Shimmer Brick
From Boots, retails at €6.99
This is great for a subtle glow, it also combines as a contour.
It gives great pigmentation and doesn't leave an oily finish to the skin.

Night time Glows...

Seventeen Skin Wow! Liquid Glow Tan
From Boots, retails at €8.49
Apply under foundation for better results
It holds your foundation in place, gives a deeper tone to your foundation
 and also highlights the skin!
Perfect for nights out as it acts as a barrier
to oily/sweaty skin and stops foundation from sliding off.

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle
From Brown Thomas, retails at €30
This is probably my favourite out of all the highlighters I've tried
It gives such a nice finish to the skin
Although it is more on the pricey side it is well worth it!

High Street Vs. High End....


In all cases I found that the dupes or high street version was always just as good as the high end, the only difference was the price!!
I definitely prefer a Highlight Powder or Stick to a cream, purely because I can apply it over my foundation to give more of a dramatic affect.
It also suits my skin type better as it gives more of a Matte finish to the rest of my face.

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