Travel Guide - New York City

Early February of this year myself, my Mam and two of my aunties ventured across the pond to America. It was my second/third time in the 'states' but my first time taking a trip to New York. My overall experience was a whirlwind of eating, shopping, site seeing and plenty of photo taking. I would go again in a heart beat, there was not one part of the city that was unappealing, everything stood out. My trip was short, a total of four days spent staying at The Row NYC hotel on Time Square. The hotel was perfect location and comfortable which is all you need, you don't go away to spend all your time in a hotel room any ways. The flight over was just over seven hours but we slept most of the way and coming home it was a lot shorter, just over the five hour mark. I would recommend bringing plenty of money with you as you tend to tip bigger over in America and eating and drinking out ins't the cheapest. The weather at the time was like being back in the Ice Age, snow piled up on the side of streets and icy breezes but that didn't keep us out of it! I ate in so many places and didn't have a single bad meal of service experience so your guaranteed a good spot where ever you choose to eat. We did one big shopping day in Jersey Gardens which I about forty minutes of a drive outside of the city and well worth the trip. You save a fortune shopping in outlets as there is no tax added onto your shop. I enjoyed every bit of my trip and planning to return in the near future but to try see more of the country rather than just one state.
All ready to go!

The mad ones!

We need this in Irish airports.

Snaking on board.


Poser haha!




Our hotel view.

Just landed and they found a pub!

El Breakfasto.

Shop till you Drop!

Jamba Juice was the best!

Morning Caawfee.

Last Standing Twin Tower.


Ground Zero.

Hard Rock Cafe.

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 Empire State of Mind.

Thanks so much for reading again, hope you too can go to NYC some day and have as much fun as I did!

Stay Stylish,

Shauna xox

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