D.I.Y Brows

   When HD Brows came to the world I was the happiest girl around town. Being naturally fair I unfortunately have extremely fair haired eyebrows and eyelashes but thanks to tint that is no longer a problem. Eyebrows are a must when applying make up in the mornings, I feel unfinished without them. I started getting HD Brows about two and half years ago when I was going on seventeen and ever since I've been addicted to getting them done!

   I started off going to a beauticians who charged twenty five euro for Pro Brows which was the next best thing to HD Brows and that was good enough for me. Then coming up to my graduation last august I was hearing a lot of talk about a beautician close to my home so I decided to test her out and I will never turn back! She completely re sculpted my eyebrows and gave them a natural tint. Because these were HD Brows they cost thirty five euro but are worth every penny.

   In between trips to the first beautician I went to I would tweeze my eyebrows and on the odd occasion got my Auntie to tint them for me. As I got older and more into beauty I got brave and bought myself a tinting kit and some facial waxing strips. This pro-longed my trips to the beautician because I found the tint was not lasting as long but my shape was still perfect.

After, (lightly filled in)

   I started to get really into doing my own eyebrows so I stopped going to get them professionally done and started waxing and tinting them from home. So for about a year I did my own eyebrows at home until it came close to my graduation and I wanted to treat myself. After getting the HD Brows done last August I found the treatment lasted a couple of months so early this spring was the first time I had to wax and tint my eyebrows since getting the HD Brows done.

  I would highly recommend Katie Everitt in The Brow Boutique, Grange Rath Drogheda. She is amazing at what she does and it takes no time to do.

  I now used Anastasia Dipbrow in the shade soft brown. God send.

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