Castle on the Hill

I think sometimes we take this little country of ours for granted and forget about how beautiful it really is. Don't get me wrong, I'd get up and go in a heart beat but I'll always know where my home is and how lucky I am to call this place home. My grandparents live in a small village in Meath and right on their doorstep is Gormanston Castle and its such a nice little place to go for a stroll even, the grounds are just beautiful. Of course the one evening I decide to go take photos its dull and cold and wet but in the end we got the photos taken, even if we did leave with runny red noses!

I have a soft spot for the oul faux fur and this gillet is fab and guess wheres its from? Penneys!! Where else would it be from haha. My whole outfit bar the boots is from Penneys, I basically have shares in the place at this stage.

These boots are one of my staple pieces. I've two pairs of black over the knee boots, these and a faux suede pair with a heel. I wanted a pair you could wear comfortably everyday especially for college so the heels werent ideal and one day I spotted these in Shoe Rack in Drogheda for €50. I think for a pair of boots that's extremely good value considering I've worn them to death already and they are still like brand new. 

The jeans and polo jumper and still in Penneys but the gillet is old stock as well as the belt. 
Plenty of other shops and clothing websites have fabulous gillets and I'm sure coming into Spring most of them will be on sale so pick one up next for next winter!

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Stay Stylish,

Shauna xox

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