How To Have A Good Monday...

Mondays can be hard for all of us. Whether it's the early morning or the long day ahead, they are not an easy start to the week.Me being me, I love Mondays but this is because I learned to love them. I started making sure I was productive on a Monday so that way I would go to bed happy knowing I got loads done and it would kick start my week then. 
Okay, now I'm no expert when it comes to being a positive person (I'm the opposite of positive most of the time!) but if you following some of these steps it should get you through your day without having a break down haha! 

1. Make Plans
  If you make plans for the Monday evening you have something to look forward to after work/college and in this way the day will fly by! It's something that will constantly be on your mind and if it's something you're particularity excited about then you'll be in a good mood for the day.
But since it's the start of the week, try make those plans something low key and relaxing because a mad night out will tire you out for the rest of the week and then everyday will feel like a Monday!

 2. Early Morning Cardio
  I know asking you to get up even earlier on a Monday morning is a no no, but you should really consider just getting up a half hour earlier and doing some cardio! Whether you walk, jog or run, the tiniest bit of exercise will wake you start up and give you energy for the day! And trust me, this is a better way of getting energy rather than consuming endless cups of coffee during the day. You'll also feel better about yourself after you exercise and in this way, if you're like me you know your exercise is done for the day once you're home from work/college!

 3. Eat a Good Breakfast
  No matter what day it is you should always eat a good, healthy breakie but particularly on a Monday you should fill your tummy with plenty of goodness! I know the likes of porridge isn't the most appetizing but you can spruce it up by adding some berries or banana, maybe some honey or if you're like me I add in some vanilla extract to sweeten it. Always have fruit with breakfast as the natural sugars present will give you a fast release of energy unlike carbs ( porridge ) which is good for long term release of energy. The avocado addiction is still going strong for many people so why not try something from one of these recipes here: Healthy Food 

 4. Treat Yo' Self
 Make a list of things you want to achieve by the end of your day and if you get it all ticked off and done, treat yourself! Whether its a top you saw in the window of River Island, or you want to have a bar of chocolate with your cup of tea tonight (or glass of wine..not judging!) then you go do that! This will motivate you to have a productive Monday which leads onto having a positive day!

If you have a positive mind then positive things will come your way. This is something I'm trying to achieve this year! Have a great Monday!

Stay Stylish,

Shauna xox

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