Celfie Central & Catch Up

    I have been so busy with college work and assignments and I've felt guilty for abandoning my blog, but on this cold Autumn evening I decided to just upload a short post on whats to come and some selfies of some of my favourite make up looks!
Basically, myself and a friend of mine a.k.a Liz are all go on all this Pearls & Poison and we are working our asses off to try get this baby of a blog off the ground! A lot of work and patience is needed, which thankfully Liz has enough for the both of us!
Over the next few weeks we are working on projects to really make Pearls & Poison better than ever before and we really hope everything works out! Its so exciting planning everything but actually doing it is kinda scary, but we both can't wait!

  So watch this space....

                                              Fingers & Toes crossed that everything
                                             will be up and running in the near future!

                                                               Stay Stylish,

                                                           Shauna xox

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