Food Review: Boojum.

  I moved to Galway last September for college and since Christmas, my friends and I have been making it a weekly routine to go to Boojum. Boojum is a Mexican style restaurant specialising in burritos, fajitas, nachos etc. I had never heard of it, and apparently there is a few around the country ( Dublin, Belfast...) and when we first went the que was so long I honestly thought I would've been waiting for ages. But because its all ready prepared and you choose at the counter what you want it takes all of 5 minutes to order as well as que up.

The restaurant itself:
It is a small enough space, but the decor fits it perfectly. Between the quirky table designs to the hanging Mason jars as lights its different and colourful. It has a friendly team of staff who I have never seen without a smile on their face. Some tables are larger than others so if there is two people sitting at a table for eight other customers normally come along and fill the table, this is one thing I love about the place. Its friendly atmosphere is warm and different to other restaurants. It is a very relaxed and chilled environment, which is one of the reasons it is as popular as it is, but it is not the main reason.

The Food:
The food here is everything you want from a Mexican restaurant. I always go for a Chicken burrito with mixed veg, Mexican rice and on a brown tortilla wrap with salsa verde (medium). There are many options of toppings such as pinto beans, black beans, beef, chorizo sausage, guacamole, spicy, medium or mild salsa.
Even typing this review makes me want a burrito right now haha!
One burrito is filling in my opinion and I have a big enough appetite, One of my friends goes for the Burrito Bowl which is exactly what is says, a burrito in a bowl! It comes without the tortilla but you can have what you would normally have on a burrito but in a bowl!

excuse my pink lipstick mark!

The Price:
Boojum offer 10% student discount, woohoo! So normally it would be €6.50 for a Chicken Burrito but I pay €5.85. You can get a drink with your meal for €6.50 with the discount. Prices range depending on what meat you get, Vegetarian obviously being the cheapest and the likes of Beef or Chorizo being the most expensive but without the student discount everything is under €7. Bargin.
They also offer a loyalty card. Every ten stamps you receive a free burrito, and every forty stamps you receive a free burrito and a free Boojum t-shirt! The staff are very kind with the loyalty cards as they give the same for each burrito, meal etc. you buy even if you buy 5 burritos at once you will get 5 stamps, unlike most places who give once stamp per transaction.

I would give Boojum 5 out of 5 between the staff, the restaurant itself and the amazing food it has to offer. Don't forget it is a self service clean up, they have a small station to drop of empty plates and two bins, one for bottles and cans and one for other rubbish like food and napkins etc.

I hope this review was up to scratch and I hope some of you who go to Boojum feel the same way I do about it! Happy Eating!

Stay Stylish (doesn't have the same ring to it with this blog post, lol!)

Shauna x x 


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