Pink To Make The Boys Wink!

Spring/Summer 14' #trendone

This season is filled with trend after trend and luckily for me, pink is hitting the shelves hard and in every shade imaginable!
Now I know some people are anti-pink buuuuuut, with a wide range of shades you are bound to find something pink that you'll like! If you don't, then obviously something is wrong with you...

Every shop seems to be stocking up on all things pink which is great if you ask me. Whether you want to splurge and go big with designer brands or head down to your local Primark/Penneys you are guaranteed a great buy!

River Island and Missguided are really hitting the spot for me with the oh so fab range of S/S14 style! From crop knits, to the 'Geek Shoes' and all things retro.

River Island;

Each piece out of River Island is so amazing! If you go onto River Island you can have a hunt for your favourite pink item and sure why not treat yourself, you deserve it!
Prices range from 12euro - 160euro, plenty of items to chose from.

And since it is huge on trend now i thought I'd treat myself to a new coat, one which i did not need...

 If you are really not feelin' this pink fashion trend, why not try adding pink to your outfit by applying a pink blush or lipstick to brighten up your look at keep on trend! Its oh so simple!

If anyone has a pictures they like to share of they're pink purchases go ahead, I'd love to see!!

Stay Stylish,

Shauna x x

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